Non Stop Kids Entertainer of The Year


Congratulations to Shay who has won our entertainer of the year award for Non Stop Kids Entertainment in 2016!

Here at Non Stop Kids, we appreciate all of our entertainer's dedication and passion they put into their work. In the reviews this year, our customers have complimented our entertainers on how excellent they are and how well they have performed. For this reason, we decided to start rewarding one fantastic entertainer every year.


This newly formed competition will reward one entertainer an amazing trophy to remind them how much their effort are appreciated.
As a growing company, it's important for us to acknowledge the success of our entertainers and we look forward to working with you all this year in 2017!


We know our entertainers are the absolute best in the country and we strive to provide the best possible service for all of our customers.

It was incredibly hard to choose just one entertainer due to our team being absolutely amazing. However, after the hard decision making we decided to select Shay as our Entertainer of the Year 2016!

Shay received 63 GREAT feedback comments this year expressing how "enthusiastic", "charismatic" and "fantastic" he was at their parties.

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