Marc is that crazy uncle that every family has.  He has spent 30 years as a professional entertainer, which has seen him perform for children around the world. Marc loves the wonder on the children’s faces when he creates a magical moment just for them.  Marc says ‘The best moment at a party is the silence that happens after you do something unexpected and you feel everyone in the room take an intake of breath, a moment of stillness and awe before the applause, laughter and the ‘how did you do that’.


Marc’s advice to anyone planning a children’s birthday party is ‘don’t stress or worry, relax and enjoy the ride, let your entertainer guide you. Too many parents stress trying to have the perfect party, what your child wants is to have fun with you and their friends. Any problems let your entertainer help and guide you.’


Marc has always been a professional performer and has done over 20,000 shows during his career in over 25 countries.  He has performed in castles, on cruise ships, holiday parks and even in Downing Street. He has also performed magic on live TV in Maltese.


Marc has done lots of different parties and themes, from Cowboys and Indians to Pokemon. There are lots of party packages at Non Stop Kids and he loves them all - however having done 7 Harry Potter book and film launches for Warner Brothers, he does have a soft spot for Wizard Workshop parties. 


Fun Fact:

Marc once played football on the Wembley pitch in front of over 25,000 people!

"Marc T was fantastic! Not only did children had fun but adults too! Extremely hilarious and creative. We loved the magic show and the puppet show! Thank you Marc for a great experience! Your sense of humour and ideas made my son’s birthday party" - Aleksandra.K

"Marc was amazing and even the kids that didn’t want to listen he managed to draw them in and involve them. Both children and parents enjoyed them selves. Thank you so much." - Lindsay.H

"We had a party for our son at the weekend & Marc was amazing. He managed to keep a group of 5 & 6 year olds fully entertained for 2 hours. I've had great feedback from all the grown ups that were there too! We really can't recommend Marc enough & are so glad we got him for our party." - Debbie.W