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Five Times We Have Gone Above and Beyond To Prove We Are The Best Kids Entertainers in the UK

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

You probably already know if you are reading this blog but we are considered the biggest and best children’s entertainers in the UK. We perform at over 8000 parties a year literally all over the UK.

We are very proud of the fact that we move hell and high water to make sure a client isn’t let down. Here at Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, it is simply unacceptable to disappoint our clients. We want our customers to know that when you book Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, you get an amazing experience that your children will remember forever.

Exceeding Expectations: Five Instances Demonstrating Our Superiority as Top Kids Entertainers in the UK

However, we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk. There are several times when we have gone above and beyond to prove that we are simply the best. In this blog, we outline five times we have gone the extra mile to ensure a clients child’s birthday party was a massive success!

Hitchhiking To a Gig!

Arriving on time is stressful enough, but a collision along the way could be considered the icing on the cake! That didn't stop one man from disappointing his clients! Roman is one of our top entertainers in the Manchester area. A few weeks ago, he had a car accident on the way to a party. The party started in 40 minutes and he was still 10 minutes away. The car was written off and although he was naturally shook up, he was okay. He called the AA to collect his car and left the keys there so they could take it away. But his primary concern was getting to the gig. He tried taxis and Uber and he couldn’t get anything. So, Roman flagged a car down and explained the situation. He asked the random driver for a lift and the driver said, "YES!" He loaded all his equipment in the strangers car and got a lift to the show just in time. A car accident didn't deter his confidence at all, what a hero!

Driving 550 Miles!

Surely no one would willingly drive 550 miles just to entertain others, right? Craig begs to differ! Our founder Craig is very passionate about not letting clients down. About a year ago, we had a phone call from one of our entertainers based near Brighton. The call came through at 6 a.m on a Saturday. Our original entertainer had food poisoning and there was no way they could perform at their shows. There was also no other team members in their area to cover their parties. Craig left his house in Staffordshire within ten minutes and drove down to Brighton to cover both of their shows. Craig did a 550 mile round trip that day and was out the house 20 hours just to make sure that we didn’t let a client down. That's more then commitment, this was a personal goal to Craig and he refused to let our clients down!

Getting A Taxi To A Party!

Another amazing entertainer is Kieran. About 8 months ago, he was performing in Southampton about 90 minutes away from his house. On the way to the party, he broke down about an hour away from Southampton. There wasn’t really anytime to get anyone else to the party. Did Kieran call it quits and go home? Absolutely not! He called a local taxi company and arranged for them to pick him up, take him to the party, wait around two hours for him to perform and then take him back to his car. His plan was then to sort the car out when he got back. It cost us £225 in taxi fees but the children at the party were happy and you can’t put a price on happiness!

Coming Out Of Retirement!

This happened very recently. We had a phone call on a Friday night and a lady who had been let down by her entertainer from another company and was begging for us to help. This happens more than you would imagine and we do our best to help, but unfortunately, it's not always possible as we take many bookings weeks in advance. In this situation, we had nobody left available at last minute. Understandably, the lady was very upset and we can't blame her. But fear not, for we had a solution! Our Managing Director Sarah Petty came out of retirement to cover the party for her. Sarah hasn’t performed for 9 years and now has two young children however, at the last minute she got the kids babysat and went over to Leicester to run a disco party. The client was over the moon and the kids loved it, proving two things...1. Sarah has still ‘got it’ and 2. we will do anything to help our clients!

Going 48 Hours Without Sleep!

We all love a good night's sleep, but in the world of entertainment, sleep is a privilege! Nemed is based in the Midlands and is a real hero. He frequently drives around the country, performing in remote locations. A few months ago, he was performing at a big corporate illusion show in London on a Saturday night and didn’t get home till 5 am. He had no parties on Sunday, so he could recover, right? Guess again! On his way back home, we found out an entertainer in Newcastle up North was ill and couldn’t perform, and we only had a few hours to come up with a solution. We called Nemed and he volunteered to go and cover the three parties in Newcastle. He had to leave at 6 am to get there which basically meant he didn’t sleep for 48 hours. We booked him a hotel in Newcastle so he could crash afterwards. This is an extreme example however, it shows once again that our entertainers will do everything in their power to make sure clients aren’t let down.


So, you may wonder what was our intention of this blog? The point is that we will move Hell and high water to make sure your child’s party is a massive success. When you book Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, we have the resources to ensure that every single client has a great experience.

Whenever it be car troubles, late nights and long distances, no barrier is too big for us to break through! A lot of one man band entertainers work on their own. They try their best, but a lot of the time they haven’t the resources to deal with problems. If they wake up and they are ill there is very little they can do. It’s why so many people book us. We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that all our customers have a great party.

If you could like to speak to us about how to make your child’s party amazing, then contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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