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Cheap Party Entertainment? 6 Tips To Consider When Running a Kids Party on the Cheap

At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we speak to thousands of parents every year. Some parents have literally an infinite budget with money not being an issue. Other parents have a very tight budget and try to do things on the cheap. This is totally understandable, they want their child to have the best birthday party ever but without spending a fortune.

In this blog we go through 6 tips that you can do if you are running a party and want to reduce the total cost. Whether you book us or someone else, we thought this would be a useful blog to write about. So without further ado let’s get started!

6 Tips To Consider When Running A Kids Party On The Cheap

Don't Hire A Cheap Entertainer!

We know it is tempting to organise a party on a small budget and while that itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, hiring a cheap entertainer is not a good idea. The problem with hiring a cheap entertainer, more often then none, these entertainers aren’t very good (hence why they are cheap). We get phone calls daily from people that have been let down by their entertainer and the vast majority of the time, it is cheaper entertainers that do this. It’s best not to risk it, better to be safer then sorry. Believe it or not, it is quite easy to spot a dodge entertainer and hiring a National Company Entertainer is always the way to go!

Don't Try And Do The Party On Your Own!

Some people will try and save money by not hiring an entertainer, convincing themselves that it is not hard to play a few party games and organise a gathering. Believe it or not, it is far more difficult then you may think and we've spoken to lots of parents that call us, having tried this and they always say ‘never again!’ Entertainers are highly trained with years of experience in their profession, their job is to handle all of the hard work for you. To offer an example, I know nothing about plumbing, so when I have a problem with my pipes, my first instinct will be to call a plumber, they are the experts after all!

Don't Go Overboard On The Party Flood!

It is highly tempting to go all out on party food, but fact of the matter is, there will be tons left over and it's such a shame to see all that food go to waste. To avoid this, the best option would be to use snack boxes and fill each one with a sandwich, some crisps, a cake bar and a piece of fruit. The kids will eat quicker, there will be less waste and it will save an absolute fortune and that's what you want in the end.

Don't Bother Hiring A Venue!

A lot of parents these days are holding parties at home instead of a venue to save money on hall hire. We have special equipment that we use when performing in homes and regularly perform in front rooms. Once, we even performed in a kitchen! You could even have the party outside in your back garden (as long as the weather is nice). Saving money on hall hire is a great way to reduce the overall cost of your party.

Consider Booking A One Hour Party Instead Of Two Hours!

Did you know that we offer one hour packages? While they are nowhere near as popular as our two hour packages, we still do a lot of them. In this hour, we can do a magic show, a disco, party games and action dances. If you make the party 90 minutes, you can hire us for the first hour and then feed the kids in the last half an hour. This can save you a lot of money and nobody will miss that extra half an hour.

Don't Book Too Much!

The most important is to make sure that you don’t book too much stuff. It’s a common mistake that a lot of parents make, believing that more activities equals more fun. So, they will have an entertainer, a bouncy castle, face painting, mascots, inflatables, as well as other party related items. Sometimes, when you book all these things at once, it can be overkill and takes away from the impact of the party and we dare wonder the costs of money! You wouldn't believe the big of a problem is can be to hire a bouncy castle. An experienced entertainer will be able to run and host a party without spending money on anything else.

So there you have it! Lots of different ways of saving money and running a kids party on the cheap. Not enough tips for you? Visit our site to read additional tips on make sure you have a hassle free children’s party.

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