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Advantages Of Hosting A Garden Party | Garden Parties 2020

Thanks to outdoor parties becoming a massive trend lately, we've had more enquiries then ever regarding garden parties. There are a lot of advantages to hosting a garden party at your home. In today's blog tea re going to break down the many advantages to hosting your own garden party.

Advantages Of Hosting A Garden Party!

Your Children Don't Feel Overwhelmed!

We understand that some children feel overwhelmed in unfamiliar venues or large crowds. That's why hosting a birthday party at home is an amazing way to celebrate their birthday. One of the reasons our virtual parties were a massive success is because the birthday child got to see their friends and family without leaving the comfort of their home. Because it was virtual they had the option to turn off their webcam while still being part of the party. With garden parties your child is not only in a place they are familiar with but they can have fun with limitless party ideas.

There's Lots Of Creativity!

When it comes to planning what type of theme you want for a party, the possibilities are endless. If it's a birthday party for your child you can decorate the garden to meet a specific theme. Maybe your child is a huge fan of Marvel and you decide to make it a superhero themed party. You can decorate the party with superhero party accessions such as posters and banners. If it's a garden party that will be hosted quite late into the evening, maybe consider hosting a movie night with an outdoor projector. The possibilities are endless!

Save Money!

We all go out of our way to spend as little as possible. The venue if a party can take up a significant part of the budge as a lot of venues are there are quite costly. Thorwing a party in your garden will let you save extra cash that you can focus on the other party accessories. This includes the snack boxes, decorations and party favours.

You're In Control!

Last but not least you are in full control of the party. It's your garden and you can choose any direction you want. You won't be restricted at all compared to hosting a party at a venue. You are fully in charge of the event and that gives you the freedom to decide what you want to do and how long the party can last. To throw an amazing party you don't need a high-end venue. At the end of the day, it's the people and quality time that matter most.

Plan Now And Have Fun!

Start planning now and you are guaranteed an amazing garden party experience! But don't forget that Non-Stop Kids are also here to help. We've performed over 8,000 parties last year and our Garden Party Package is nothing short of exceptional! We built up this new package to accommodate with all Government Guidelines while ensuring you and your birthday child had an amazing time. If you would like to get in touch then send in a contact form through the banner below and you will get a no-obligation quote. Or alternatively give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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