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Can I Ask For The Same Entertainer? | Children's Entertainers

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Let's be honest, chances are if you are readying this you are one of our returning customers. Over 97% of parents highly recommend our services to other parents. More often than not there are heaps of praise for the specific entertainer who performed at their kid's party. Customers who have experienced a party with us before sometimes ask us if it's possible for us to supply them with the same children's entertainer.

Is It Possible to Request the Same Entertainer? | Children's Entertainers

The answer is yes, that's absolutely not a problem for us to do. But something we have to make very clear is it's not 100% guaranteed. Firstly, our entertainers perform hundreds of parties every single month. There's a good chance they have already been booked on another party that is on the same time & day as your own booking. If they are already booked on a party for that date, we can't exactly just pull them off it.

There are other circumstances that can affect this as well. Ever since the pandemic there have been concerns about people falling ill. If your entertainer has caught COVID beforehand and they are forced to self isolate, there's no possibility of them attending. Similarly, there are personal circumstances as well. Just recently we have had an entertainer who has had to book the rest of the year off due to a personal tragedy.

Our Children's Entertainers Are Amazing!

There you have it. If your ideal entertainer is available on your time slot, we will do our absolute best to make sure you can have them again. If they are forced to cancel for the reasons mentioned above, please know every entertainer we supply is just as good as each other. Everyone will still have a great party. Check out our packages and get in touch when you are ready to book by calling on 0333 301 3002 or sending in an enquiry form below. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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