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Can A School Show Be Themed?

The short answer is yes! Many schools have our team develop different themed shows specifically for a subject that they are focusing on at the time. We have designed so many of these over the years that we can now offer them to all the schools we work with. Here are a list of common themes that we perform on a regular basis and why they are highly popular!

School Themed Shows!

Road Safety!

This is especially popular with younger children, specifically Reception and Key Stage 1. Many kids walk to school and there is denying they cross many different roads. Whilst doing so, there are some kids who ignore the simple rule of looking both ways before they cross the street, or kids that try to act cool in front of their friends by running in front of oncoming traffic.

Our themed show teaches younger kids the importance of road safety and prevent potential accidents. Furthermore, we also have another version of the show for older children. We present a magic show that focuses on the key important information about road safety and deliver this content in an interesting and fun way that really makes the children sit up and listen.

Say No To Drugs!

One of the most important messages to get across to children of all ages these days is to say no to drugs. Unfortunately, even younger children have opportunities to take drugs. With peer pressure being so strong, it can be very difficult for children to say no. This ranges from weed to cocaine. It's terrifying to think about, but the fact of the matter is it's true! No one wants this to happen and part of our show is to educate them and avoid future consequences.

Our 'Say no to drugs' show uses magical techniques to show how children can be influenced and that they can be made to do things, even if they know they shouldn't. It's a fun way to show that even if they feel they can make the right decision, there's still a chance that choice will be taken out of their hands. With this show, we will ensure your kids don't go out and make terrible choices.


Nobody likes a bully, but unfortunately bullying still exists. Our anti bullying show uses magic to teach children to stand up to bully in a non aggressive way and also helps bullies to see the error of their ways. There's no denying that bullying has resulted in the deaths of many children who have committed suicide out of grief. It's a terrible thought and we aim to stop this. Feedback from these shows has been overwhelmingly positive with many schools telling us that our fun way of dealing with these issues has really helped and turned others away from their aggression against others.


We live in a technological age and information is freely available at the press of a button. Social media and home computers has lead to children being able to communicate to literally anyone anywhere. Unfortunately, children find it difficult to grasp the concept that the person they are talking to on their computer might not be the person they think they are. This is such an important message as cyber stalking is worse now than ever before.

Furthermore, we live in a world where cyber threats are high. Many kids fall for scams and click false advertisements that lead them to obtaining viruses and other malware. This show uses magic and comedy to drive home to message that it is vitally important to keep yourself safe and even if someone appears safe, the truth might be something completely different.

Other Themes!

Outside of education we have in the past themed shows to various subjects depending on the needs of the school. For example, in the past we have presented shows on subjects such as Aladdin, Pirates, Harry Potter and even The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. If you have a particular theme, feel free to contact us - there is a good chance we can help. These are perfect around end of term, Christmas time or as attendance rewards.

There are many ways that shows can be themed. If you have an event and would like more information about what our team can do, please get in touch. 98% of our clients say they would recommend us to a friend. If you would like a no obligation consultation from us for your child’s party, select the banner below to fill in the form and we will get back to you within the hour!

Thanks for reading!

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