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Non-Stop Kids Case Study - Rocking Horse Kindergarten, Warwickshire

At Non-Stop Kids, we specialise in pre-school and nursery entertainment. We understand the unique needs of young audiences, and our entertainers are dedicated to creating magical experiences for children of all ages. Today, in this case study, we want to share the story of one of our valued clients and how we brought joy and excitement to their special event. Now, let's dive into the adventure of entertaining Rocking Horse Kindergarten!

Our Client!

Meet Amanda Day, a fantastic client from Rocking Horse Kindergarten in Warwickshire. Amanda is one of our most regular clients who comes back to us over and over again! She reached out to Non-Stop Kids because she wanted something fun and with the wow factor for their nursery graduation. Despite having amazing nursery staff, Amanda felt the need to ensure the event was stress-free. Many clients, like Amanda, book us because they worry about the success of their events without proper entertainment. They seek to relieve the stress of organising and hosting an event with young children.

Why Non-Stop Kids!

Amanda, like many others, chose Non-Stop Kids because she recognised that while the nursery staff were exceptional, they were not entertainment specialists. Non-Stop Kids steps in to provide the necessary fun and engagement, ensuring a successful and stress-free event. Unlike several other entertainment companies out there, Non-Stop Kids embraces the joy of entertaining younger children. We understand the unique dynamics and demands of pre-school and nursery events, and we meet them head-on. Our commitment to providing top-notch entertainment for all age groups is what makes us the go-to choice for events like nursery graduations.

What We Achieved!

To meet Amanda's expectations, we designed a full 2-hour entertainment package tailored to the needs of the nursery graduation. Our Tiny Tots Party Package was the perfect fit. This age-appropriate package includes a comedy magic show, ensuring every child is actively involved. The tricks are designed as story tricks, making the experience both memorable and visual for the children.

Our fantastic entertainer, Izzy, took the stage and brought the magic to life. Izzy is one of our best entertainers and is renowned for her boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to bringing joy to young audiences. With a passion for performing for younger kids, Izzy never backs down from a challenge!

The package kicked off with a captivating comedy magic show. The tricks were not just magical but also served as story-telling elements, making the experience memorable and visually delightful for the children. Following the magic show, we transitioned towards party games. The games, all played to lively music, added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Importantly, we incorporated non-elimination games, guaranteeing that every child, regardless of age or ability, could actively participate without feeling left out.

Understanding the diverse audience at nursery events, we adapted the Tiny Tots Package to cater not only to the graduating children but also to their siblings. This thoughtful approach made the event inclusive and allowed families to enjoy the entertainment together.

The End Result!

On the day of the event, our entertainer Izzy engaged the children with the magic show, captivating their attention and creating an atmosphere of joy. As soon as Izzy took the stage, the nursery graduation transformed into a magical wonderland. Her presence had the children and even the adults captivated from start to finish! The party games that followed were a big hit, filled with laughter and excitement.

Amanda Day couldn't have been more pleased. Izzy's outstanding performance became the highlight of the day, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement. The feedback received was not just about the entertainment; it was a celebration of Izzy's charisma, talent, and her ability to connect with the children on a level that goes beyond expectation.

Client Feedback!

"Another successful Graduation Day, Thank you for your support. Izzy was engaging and all the children were involved. It was lovely to see the children's smiles and hearing them laugh. I know the parents and staff thoroughly enjoyed it too.”

As you can see, at Non-Stop Kids, we excel in providing top-tier entertainment tailored for nursery-age children. Izzy is just one of several of our fantastic entertainers! She showcased not only her magical prowess but also her exceptional ability to connect with and entertain younger kids. Our commitment to delivering fantastic experiences is reflected in every performance, turning ordinary celebrations into extraordinary memories.

Conclusion: Bringing Magic to Every Celebration

At Non-Stop Kids, we specialise in providing top-notch entertainment for nursery age children. Our entertainers are specifically trained to engage and amuse younger audiences. If you want to ensure a stress-free and unforgettable event for your little ones, contact us now by calling 0333 301 3002 or filling out an inquiry form. Let Non-Stop Kids bring the magic to your next celebration!

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