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Celebrating Halloween Virtually | Virtual Party Ideas

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Do you know what holiday is approaching soon? That’s right, Halloween! One of the best amazing celebrations of the year, a chance for your children to dress up and join in on the spooky fun. We understand there are concerns about hosting a Halloween party for your child and their friends. That’s why we originally introduced virtual parties.

Virtual Halloween Festivities | Spooktacular Virtual Party Concepts

But just because we are celebrating Halloween from home doesn’t mean we can’t have an amazing time. Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have introduced our very own Virtual Halloween Party Package. We speak to hundreds of parents every single week and one common question we get asked is, “Are virtual parties just as good as a live party?”

The answer is yes! Not only are virtual parties just as good as a live party but they have a lot of unique advantages you wouldn’t find at a live event. The best part about a Virtual Halloween party is they are a lot easier to organise. You don’t need to worry about finding a venue, organising food & drink for the guests, setting up decorations and much more. At the start of your party we will set everything up for you 30 minutes in advance. All you need to do is invite your guests with an online link we will provide you with. From there sit back and enjoy the spooky fun!

With our Online Halloween package we have taken the concepts from our live Halloween party and created an exciting virtual environment. At the beginning of your party your entertainer kicks off the show with our award winning magic show where they play games designed to fit in with Halloween. Once the magic show is over we continue with our high energy party games, action dances and dance competitions. Throughout the whole party experience your entertainer interacts with all of the children non-stop. No one is ever left out of our party games. We have developed everything to work within a virtual entertainment environment.

By the end of your party, everyone will have had a fantastic experience. The kids got to see all of their friends and play spooky party games together. If you book one of our Deluxe Virtual Party Packages we can even record your whole experience for you to keep forever. When the party is over we will provide you with a link to download your party and share with all of your friends. It’s like getting your very own free videographer.

Another amazing advantage is our virtual invitations. Thanks to our amazing friends over at Mini-Epic, we can take your party one step further and provide you with virtual Halloween invitations. These electrical invitations are custom designed to fit with your Halloween party. Like a normal invitation you will have the details of your party (e.g. the date & time, the theme of the party, birthday child's name & age, etc.) We will provide you with the invitations to send out for all of your guests in advance and create that spooky atmosphere before the party even begins!

Non-Stop Kids Entertainment are the experts when it comes to running your entertainment. Ever since March 2020 we have provided over 4,000 virtual parties for children all across the country. Every one of our virtual packages are unique, fun and guarantee an amazing time. Halloween is approaching very soon. We are taking dozens of enquiries for a Virtual Halloween Party every single day. Parents are also booking their Virtual Christmas entertainment.

We are more than happy to speak to you about a virtual party and will talk you through everything you need to know. Send us a contact form and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or alternatively you can call us on 0333 301 3002. Have an amazing day and we look forward to speaking with you soon. Stay spooky!

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