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Children's Entertainer's Advice For Planning A Party | Kid's Entertainer Tips

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

It goes without saying being a children's entertainer builds a lot of experience and skills. Several of our entertainers have been doing this profession for a long time. From performing at several children's parties, they have picked up a thing or two about what you should do when it comes to planning your kid's party.

Party Planning Advice from Children's Entertainers | Tips from Kid's Entertainers

That's why we wanted to take this opportunity to share amazing party tips from our very own entertainers. Following these kids entertainer tips will ensure you make the best decisions, avoid falling into any traps and make your kids party amazing overall.

Don't Stress Or Worry!

One of our entertainers Marc has spent 30 years as a professional entertainer and has performed for children all across the world. He loves to see the wonders on kid's faces when he creates magical memories for them to look back on. With all this experience, you can guarantee he has a tip or two about kid's parties. His advice for all parents is, "Don’t stress or worry, relax and enjoy the ride, let your entertainer guide you. Too many parents stress trying to have the perfect party, what your child wants is to have fun with you and their friends. Any problems let your entertainer help and guide you." Amazing advice for parents who might be concerned about their children's party running smoothly.

Personalise Your Child's Party!

Your child's birthday party is one of the greatest moments of their lives. We've performed at many children's parties where the parents made it as a theme party. The theme is based on something their child is really into watching. For example, when we performed our first Garden Party the theme was based around superheroes. One of our entertainers Yazmine loves to get imaginative with parties and get the children creative. Her top tip for a children's party is to talk with your entertainer in advance about anything your child loves. It could be dressing up as their favourite superheroes, songs and much more. It will personalise the party and make it extra special!

Build Character With Magic!

We've spoken about our Wizards Workshop in the past and why it's amazing. Our entertainer Kieran is also a close up magician with our sister company Slightly Unusual. He has worked with magic for several years. His advice is to encourage kids to learn magic. It's a fantastic hobby that will improve their social skills, confidence and have something handy when you need to break the ice in an awkward situation. It really does help kids boost their self-esteem.

Don't Go Overboard!

We've all heard the saying of less in more, and it couldn't be truer when it comes to planning a children's party. We understand you want to make your children's party as exciting as possible but keeping it simple will still create that wonderful experience without going overboard. Alex is one of our top entertainers and his advice for planning a children's party is to keep it simple. Once you have booked your children's entertainer, there isn't any need for extra party equipment such as bouncy castles, face painters and soft play. Children are easily distracted and might feel overwhelmed with everything around them. The entertainers at Non-Stop Kids are all trained in entertaining large numbers of children on their own. Anything else is just too much.

Amazing Entertainer Tips!

Thanks for checking out today's blog! Our entertainers are amazing and very passionate about performing at children's parties. They give it 100% at every performance and we guarantee an amazing time. If you would like to speak with us about booking a children's party please give us a call at 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form for a no obligation quote.


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