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COVID Secure Venues With Non-Stop Kids | Venue Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

If you checked out our previous blogs you will have heard the great news that we can still perform for parties hosted by your local venue who are COVID-19 secure. Make no mistake, children's parties are very much still legal.

Safe and COVID-Ready Venues with Non-Stop Kids | Host Your Venue Party with Confidence

As long as your venue has taken all the necessary risk assessments to be COVID Secure, you are guaranteed a great experience! In today's blog we are going to break down everything you need to know about planning your children's party with NSK and a COVID-19 secure venue.

What Is a COVID Secure Venue?

As the name suggests this is for venues who have taken all the necessary risk assessments. Venues will have a relevant risk assessment and will have completed the 'Staying COVID-19 Secure In 2020' Notice that breaks down the five steps taken for safer working together that they can share with you. Venues can have more than 6 people, including your entertainer. Families should arrive in no more than in groups of 6, or larger for larger household groups.

For hosting a party when it comes to your children's entertainment you will need to liaise with your venue on all COVID-19 matters. Families will arrive in groups and will be seated together maintaining 2 metres between each table or group. As an example, if you have three families arriving in groups of 6, each family must be seated around their own individual table or group of 6 chairs that are 2 meters away from any other group. Each group will remain separate and not mix with other household groups, keeping to their tables/area with chairs to adhere with social distancing rules. There will also need to be enough space for the entertainer to perform 2-3 meters away from everyone. Below is an illustration as an example layout for clarification.

Before the party, or on arrival, your guests will be required to provide their full name and a contact phone number to the venue and us. You can email your list to our email no later than 24 hours before your party. If there are any changes, such as some of the guests no longer attending or different people taking their place, you can update us on that afterwards. These details will be stored for 21 days before being discarded or shared with the NHS Test & Trace programme if required during this period.

Non-Stop Kids Risk Assessment For Venues!

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we have a full completed risk assessment that details how we examine and address both the general risk and COVID-19 related risks, along with a copy of said notice. We provide these documents to you when you book with us that you may share with your venue to reassure them we will provide entertainment safely for you and work alongside your venue to ensure that everything is COVID-19 safe.

Our entertainers go through strict cleansing & hygiene procedures before, during and after everyone of our parties. On the day of your booking our entertainer will arrive wearing PPE equipment (e.g. face mask, gloves) if requested but once they have set up a suitable distance, we recommend a transparent face covering such as a visor. They will sanitise their hands before, during and after the party has ended. All of their equipment is cleaned and sanitised before and after every party as well.

If your booking includes balloon modelling our entertainer will wear gloves or sanitise their hands while creating the models. We can play socially distanced party games to low key music and children can get involved while maintaining socially distancing rules. Our entertainers use their head microphones to avoid shouting. Instead of your guests singing happy birthday to your child, your entertainer can play The Happy Birthday song while they blow out their candles. The cake with candles on must not be cut and shared to anyone but the household group.

We constantly check our entertainers to see if they develop any Coronavirus symptoms and we would not send anyone displaying symptoms as they would be isolating at home. Non-Stop Kids have over one hundred entertainers who are all as good as each other. If any of our entertainers are ill we will immediately assign another to take their place and will let you know. You are guaranteed a great party every day. Your entertainer will call you the day prior to introduce themselves, confirm details and go through any necessary questions regarding logistics for your party.

Thanks for checking out today's blog. If you would like to check out more information about COVID-19, please check out our website. We would love to talk with you about providing a children's entertainer to your secure venue and put all of your worries at ease. We are happy to help however we can. Send in a contact form for a no obligation quote or call us on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you!

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