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What Characteristics Are Desirable For A Children’s Entertainer?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

As a children's entertainer you take on a big responsibility, possessing multitasking skills while displaying many good character traits that appeal to both the parents and the children. It's extremely important to present yourself professionally, but in the sense that you act the way you are expected to behave.

Desirable Traits of a Children's Entertainer

Now that pandemic restrictions are over, a lot of people are eager to pursue their passion to become a children's entertainer. As the largest childrens party entertainment, we understand what characteristics entertainers need to possess. We don't just take anyone in our team. Today's blog will break down the importance of entertainment characteristics and what kind you need to have.

Why Are Characteristics Desirable?

Becoming a kid's entertainer is more than just understanding the job. It's understanding how to present yourself to your audience and captivate their interest. To give you a hypothetical situation, imagine you are watching an entertainer performing live. While they could be performing their job well, if they sounded bored and disinterested all the way through, it creates negative energy and shows they aren't motivated. There's a lot of characteristics to look for that parents and children expect to see.

Positive Energy!

No one wants to see an entertainer in a poor mood. Every entertainer needs to be in high spirits and remain positive. This is especially important when you need to be firm with a disruptive child within a party, but it has to be in a gentle manner as well. Remaining positive will keep the party spirit going as well as make the children react better than negative reinforcement. If you don't have positive energy then you will notice the attitude bouncing off the customers who will not be impressed in the slightest.

Calm Yet Excited!

This sounds contradicting but let us explain. A children's entertainer should remain composed during a stressful situation when there's a lot going on at once, but they should be able to handle it smoothly whilst still smiling and remaining charismatic, intriguing. This will help keep engagement up and hold the attention of the children.


Having good confidence is the key to any successful occupation. Confidence will allow you to really shine throughout the performance. This is especially crucial when you are dealing with problematic situations calmly and effectively. If you can present yourself accurately and confidently, this will give out the characteristics you want to give out. Entertainers who are not confident in their abilities will give off that aura of doubt and perform weakly compared to those who are confident.


Never go to a party looking like you're half asleep. Being energetic is really important as you need to keep the children on their feet and dancing around, otherwise the kids will be bored. Any parent will know how short the attention span of a child is. It's not hard for them to lose interest in something very quickly if it's not exciting to them. If your energy levels are at an all time low, don't expect your enthusiastic image to last very long.


Sometimes we all need that little bit of weirdness to help us along the way. It has a surpassingly good effect on people. It gives you more time to present yourself and be the true quirky one that you are. The kids and parents will be enticed by you as well as become comfortable within your presence.

Be The Best You Can Be!

These are just some of the characteristics that are great to have. Becoming a kid's entertainer is a brilliant and fun profession, allowing you to truly embrace your entertainment personality. Engagement is what it's all about within the children's entertainment industry. At Non-Stop Kids we are always looking to have people join our fantastic team. We'll provide all the necessary training as well as the equipment.

All of our entertainers bring all these characteristics to life! If you would love an entertainer to perform and deliver these characteristics at your children's party, give us a call! 0333 301 3002! Or alternatively, you can visit our website through the banner below, fill in a free no-obligation quote and we'll get back to you within the hour! Thanks for reading!

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