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Don't Leave Party Planning Till The Last Minute

One of the biggest things we cannot emphasise enough is never leaving your planning children's entertainment till the last minute. If you have ever experienced a party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, you will know that we perform at thousands of parties every single year. Every single month is almost completely booked up with more bookings coming in every single day.

Avoid Last-Minute Party Planning

At the time of this blog we are currently within January. But as well as taking bookings for the upcoming seasons like Halloween and Christmas, we even have clients securing us for as late as December 2024. As you have gathered, our calendar gets very busy. We're going to break down the importance of securing your children's entertainment with us as soon as possible.

You Get The Best Service!

Of course we're going to be biassed and say you should book the best of the best. That's us! Non-Stop Kids have provided over 8,000 live parties with 97% of parents saying they would book us again. There are hundreds if not thousands of other kid's entertainment companies out there. While we don't want to speak ill of anyone, there are a handful of companies out there who don't put the same passion and commitment into their work as we do.

One of the downsides of last minute bookings is you might be forced to book someone who isn't that good. In some circumstances, this can be worse than no entertainment at all. Your entertainment should be someone who's experienced, passionate and knows exactly what to do. Be getting the best entertainment available, you don't have anything else to worry about.

Allows Flexibility With Planning!

The great thing about booking early is it gives you the opportunity to alter details with your entertainment afterwards. Even if you're confident everything is going to go exactly as planned, there's always unforeseen circumstances that could change. Your venue might be forced to close, the weather might not be ideal for outside parties and many more. Once you've got someone booked, it's just a matter of contacting them afterwards and letting them know some details have changed. At Non-Stop Kids, we're more than happy to change any of your details afterwards.

Finding Someone Local

The big advantage about us is we're a national company with entertainers supplied all across the UK. That means if you have a party in the Midlands, there will be an entertainer supplied who resides within that area. But if you decide to go with an entertainment company who aren't national, make sure they are local to your area. Chances are they won't be willing to make a long distance trip just to cover one party. The closer your kid's entertainer is, the better.

Give Yourself That Peace Of Mind

The best thing you can do is book now and stop yourself from pulling out your hair over stress. There's a lot of planning involved when it comes to a kid's party. Secure your children's entertainment now and tackle the rest of your planning afterwards. You can always count on Non-Stop Kids for a hassle free experience. We have never, not once, let any of our clients down. You can find hundreds of positive reviews across our Facebook & TrustPilot profiles.

Check out our packages and get in touch with our central office to discuss more. All you need to do is send in an enquiry form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or alternatively you can call us directly on 0333 301 3002.

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