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The Eight Biggest Myths About Kids Entertainment Exposed

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As with every entertainment industry, there are certain beliefs about kids entertainers that simply aren’t true. However, the general public perceive most of these myths to be factually accurate.

Unmasking the Eight Biggest Myths About Kids Entertainment

In this blog, we examine the eight biggest myths about the kids entertainment industry and try to uncover the actual truth. We will be breaking down each of these myths and briefly explaining why each one is false and what alternatives.

Myth Number 1: All Children’s Entertainers Wear Clown Costumes

Probably 50% of our enquiries request a clown. The problem with this request is most people don’t actually want a clown. They want someone who will do a fantastic job of entertaining the kids. Being a great entertainer is not determined by what you wear. It’s to do with their attitude, your work ethic and most importantly how fun you are. At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we don't supply clowns and we have an additional Blog that explains why. However, we do supply some of the best kids entertainers in the U.K. that will make your child’s party awesome.

Myth Number 2: Magicians Are All Male

For unknown reasons, a lot of people think that magicians have to be men. This is not true at the slightest. Here at Non Stop Kids, we have just as many female entertainers that work for us than male entertainers and the girls are absolutely awesome at magic and definitely give the guys a run for their money. Trust us - girls are just as good at magic than guys and gender does not affect that at all.

Myth Number 3: You Need To Hire A Venue To Run A Kids Party

Many of our clients think that you have to hire a venue to run a kids party. Part of the reason for this is kids entertainers encourage their clients to book venues (as it makes it easier for them). However, we are happy to perform literally anywhere! We frequently perform in back gardens and front rooms. We even have special equipment that we can use in a living room or back garden. With younger kids it’s actually better to have their party in your home simply because it’s an environment they are familiar with and they don't feel stressed. Next time you are planning a party, don’t discount your home - it’s a great way to save money on hall hire. Visit our other Blog if you would like excellent advice on how to run a kids party cheaply!

Myth Number 4: You Need To Hire A Caterer

A lot of parents will get a caterer to sort the food at their kid's party. This is something you really don’t need to do. There are so many options these days that hiring a caterer is just not needed. Whether it’s supplying a buffet, making snack boxes or even ordering a bunch of pizzas, there are always other options. The cool thing is that NOT hiring a caterer will save you lots and lots of money

Myth Number 5: You Need To Buy Party Bags When You Host A Party

Let’s be honest, party bags are full of useless tat! Generally within a few minutes of receiving a party bag the contents will either be lost, broken or both. Yet most parents will make party bags for every child, not because they want to buy, but because they feel they have to. You don’t have to make every child a party bag, there are other options. Sweet cones and balloon models are two recent examples I have seen that work well. The cool thing is we give free Balloon Modelling at our parties to every child so if you went for a balloon model you wouldn’t need to pay anything extra!

Myth Number 6: It Costs More Money If You Invite Extra Kids To Your Child’s Party

This isn’t exactly a myth because a lot of entertainers do charge an extra fee if you have a lot of children at the party. We aren’t exactly sure why they do this. At Non Stop Kids, we don’t think that it’s fair you have to pay extra because your child is popular! Therefore with us you can have as many kids as you want and it won’t affect the price. The more the merrier!

Myth Number 7: You need an entertainer with a DBS Check.

This actually isn’t true. A DBS is only required if an adult is left alone with children with no other adults present. In reality, a children’s party entertainer will never be left on their own with children as there will always be other adults and parents present. Even in a school there will always be teachers and therefore, a DBS Check is not required. Most of our entertainers are DBS Checked because we do a lot of work where they are required. But trust us, you do not need a DBS Check for an entertainer at your child’s party.

Myth Number 8: It’s Really Expensive To Hire A Kids Entertainer

We speak to a lot of people that don’t think they will be able to afford to hire a professional kids entertainer. They think that hiring an entertainer will break the bank. However, it’s actually cheaper than you might imagine. The problem is most entertainers only offer two hour party packages. At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we offer a one hour package that is only £129. This includes a magic show, a disco, party games and a special balloon for the birthday child. £129 definitely won't break the bank, however it means you will have us at your child’s party creating memories that will last forever.


There you have it, eight myths about kids entertainment that simply aren’t true. If you would like to speak to us about performing at your child’s party, it couldn’t be easier! Visit our website via the banner below to fill in the form. We will get back to you with a no obligation quote within the hour. Or if you like, call us

We look forward to hearing from you.


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