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Entertainer Vs. DJ - Debunking The Misconceptions

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

At Non-Stop Kids, we believe in providing entertainment that goes beyond playing music. Our childrens party entertainer bring the magic, energy, and excitement to every party, ensuring that children are fully engaged and enthralled throughout the event. Let's explore the key differences between an entertainer and a DJ, and why having an entertainer can elevate your child's party to new heights.

The Role Of An Entertainer!

An entertainer is not just someone who plays music; they are the masters of creating an immersive and interactive experience for children. They are skilled performers who know how to captivate their audience, engage with children of all ages, and keep the party atmosphere alive from start to finish. Their expertise lies in using a combination of music, games, magic, storytelling, and age-appropriate activities to create a dynamic and memorable event.

Interactive & Engaging Performances!

Unlike a DJ who primarily focuses on playing pre-recorded music, an entertainer brings the party to life through their interactive and engaging performances. They actively involve the children, encouraging them to participate, dance, sing along, and become part of the show. Through their energy, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with children, an entertainer transforms the event into a magical experience where every child feels included and entertained.

Versatility & Adaptability!

One of the key advantages of having an entertainer is their versatility and adaptability. They can tailor their performance to suit the theme of the party, the age group of the children, and the specific preferences of the birthday child. Whether it's a princess party, superhero extravaganza, or a pirate adventure, an entertainer can seamlessly incorporate the chosen theme into their performance, creating a cohesive and immersive experience that aligns with the party's overall concept.

Personalised Interaction & Connection!

An entertainer establishes a personal connection with the children, making them feel special and valued. They take the time to learn the names of the birthday child and their guests, creating a sense of familiarity and personalisation. Through their personalised interaction, an entertainer ensures that every child feels included, boosting their confidence and creating lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come.


Choosing an entertainer over a DJ for your child's party is a decision that can significantly enhance the overall experience. Non-Stop Kids brings a team of professional entertainers who are masters at engaging children, creating interactive performances, adapting to different themes, and establishing a personal connection with each child. Don't settle for a simple music playlist when you can have an unforgettable, interactive, and immersive experience that only an entertainer can provide. Trust Non-Stop Kids to deliver the magic and make your child's party a truly exceptional and memorable event.

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