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Exciting News About Booking Kids Parties With Non-Stop Kids! - Vlog

Thanks for tuning into today's vlog! Since the middle of March when lockdown started, we introduced our Virtual Party Package where our amazing entertainers can continue to perform their award winning magic shows virtually! We've even published another blog that spoke about the advantages a virtually party had over a normal. When the Government Guidelines were eased, we introduced our social distancing garden parties as well for parents wanting a live party. But today we have some exciting news to announce, along with the options that you have between now and the end of the year when it comes to booking.

Your first option if you would like online entertainment is virtual parties. Virtual parties are amazing for all everyone to partake in a birthday party online. Your child can see all of their friends & family from the comfort of their home. You can have up to 100 people partake in your virtual party. We've even had guests who live in other countries across the world. We create the room, invitations, links to invite the guests and run everything for your virtually.

For social distancing parties, our second option is garden parties. We designed our Garden Party Package to adhere with all Government Guidelines and we've taken a lot of safety precautions along the way. This package was built up from the ground to perform live entertainment within your garden. We understand a lot of parents want live entertainment and that's one of the many reasons we introduced this new package. With our Garden Party, we maintain social distancing rules but the whole show is still very interactive. Everything has been developed from the ground up to work outside. We have equipment to work outside that our entertainers clean at the beginning and end of every party. Parents love our Garden Party and the feedback has been one the moon. We even published a case study that covered our very first Garden Party and how it was an amazing experience.

Now for the exciting news. As of the 1st of August 2020, we can start doing parties inside venues. We are super excited to perform inside venues again. There are a few rules that have been set in place by the Government. We can start doing party indoors but it can't be in a house, just for venues. While the venues should already be aware of this, speak to your venue to see if they are comfortable with hiring an entertainer. You can have up to 30 people maximum, including the entertainer. They can speak to us as well if they need copies of our risk assessment and more. We can supply them with everything. Likewise, if your venue is unsure of what is happening, our team in head office are keeping up to date on day by day basis. We can speak to your venue on your behalf without a problem.

Regardless of which option you choose you are guaranteed an amazing time. We're more then happy to provide no-obligation consultation. Whenever you want virtual, garden or indoor. Give us a call at 0333 301 3002 if you would like to get in touch right away! You can also read about what we are doing about Covid-19 on our website if you would like more information.

We would like to give a big thank you as well for supporting Non-Stop Kids through lockdown. Since we first started our goal has always been to make sure every single child can have a great party with amazing entertainment.We're the best, we've performed thousands of parties. Seeing the feedback on how parents love us makes us happy. Thanks again for tuning into today's vlog and we wish you an amazing day!

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