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Garden Party & Virtual Party - (DIFFERENCES)

Non-Stop Kids are now running two different types of party packages. Virtual parties and garden parties. Both of these packages have been an amazing unique experience for all of the kids and we've received nothing but excellent feedback from all their parents. But we often get asked which party package is more suitable to have? In today's blog we're going to break down both packages to help you decide if you would like a virtual party or a garden party.

Garden Party & Virtual Party - (DIFFERENCES)

Virtual Parties!

Virtual parties, as the name implies, are parties that are performed virtually online. With this party package our entertainers perform their award winning magic show for all of the kids at home. We set up everything for you from both an entertainment and a technical perspective. No need to worry about being tech-savvy. Once the date of the party has been booked, our entertainer will set up the virtual party and send you a link to join. From here you can invite up to 100 people to partake in the party online. Throughout the party you will get an award winning magic show, high energy party games and dance competitions, all without any hassle for you! We even did a blog once that covers why virtual parties are less hassle then a normal party!

Everyone sits back and enjoys the show from the comfort of their home. Everyone can log in via any device - a laptop, a computer, a smart phone, a tablet - basically anything! It's an amazing way for everyone to interact and see each other while the entertainer delivers a hassle free experience. We also have a Deluxe Virtual Party that includes these awesome custom virtual party invitations to send out for your friends & family, virtual party bags, any type of theme and best of all you get a recording of your whole party! You get an amazing show and free videographer in the process. Now you and your child have wonderful memories to look back at in the future. Virtual parties can run up to anywhere between 30 - 90 minutes.

Garden Parties!

Garden parties are a new concept we introduced after it was announced lockdown restrictions would be easing up. While our virtual parties are highly popular amongst parents, we still received dozens of enquiries asking if we could perform outside. The answer is yes and this is why we built up our garden party package from scratch. Our Garden Party Package is the perfect concept if you would like a live party while maintaining social distancing rules. Our package is specifically designed to work outdoors and follow all Government Guidelines. Despite the social distancing rules the show is still very interactive and fun. You can have up to 6 people attending the party and run from 1-2 hours.

Which Is Better?

That's completely up to you. There's no right or wrong answer with either package, it all depends on your preference. If you would love to have a party performed online without leaving the comfort of your home, go with the virtual party. Or if you would prefer outdoor entertainment while maintaining social distancing rules, go with the garden party. Whichever one you pick you are guaranteed an amazing experience with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment! We would love to get in touch with you about providing a virtual party garden party. Call us at 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form and we'll get back to you with a no-obligation quote!

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