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Garden Entertainment For A Kids Party | What's What?

Garden Entertainment For A Kids Party | What's What?

In todays Blog, Craig talks to us about Garden Parties for a kids party! We know a lot of people are still very confused about what they can and what they cant do for their children's next party during COVID. So we are here to tell you What's what.

We have attached a video to this blog where Craig talks about Garden Parties & the steps we are taking to make sure it is a secure & safe party!

To start off Craig asks James who runs a entertainment company down south this question...

"Are we restricted to 6 in a garden? Because a lot of people think that you are restricted to 6 people?"

James replied with this 👇

"No & we never really have been, the 6 limit is only for friends having get togethers where no businesses are involved, so the garden is not COVID secure. As entertainers we are also businesses and COVID secure businesses have more flexibility. As a COVID secure business we are expected to take the lead on things like seating arrangements, hand gel & risk assessments. So we are the professionals and we guide how the party can be run safely. In that scenario we can have up to 30 including the entertainer if space allows."

Staying Safe & Secure At Your Next Children's Party

Craig goes on to explain that as long as you are hiring an entertainer that has put a lot of effort & consideration into making sure that the act they perform is COVID secure then you can have up to 30 people at your garden party.

Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have done and continued to do everything in their power to make sure we meet government guidelines. We are making sure that every party we do is COVID secure while still making sure that the party is still as interactive as ever. This makes sure that the birthday child still feels super special & it is memorable for them!

If you would like to know more about the steps we are taking to make sure all parties are secure please give us a call on 0333 301 3002 or just click the banner below to go to our contact us page!

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