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Advantages Of Securing Your Garden Party Entertainment Early | Garden Parties With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The summer holiday is just over the horizon. Everyone's ready to leave the cold weather behind and bask within the sunshine. For children who have their birthday approaching within the upcoming months, what better way to celebrate than with a garden party? A perfect chance for your children and their friends to have a fantastic experience outdoors.

Advantages Of Securing Your Garden Party Entertainment Early | Garden Parties With Non-Stop Kids

Thanks to the Roadmap out of Lockdown easing all the restrictions in place, Non-Stop Kids have finally been able to reintroduce our Garden Package once again. We're speaking to parents every single day about securing outdoor entertainment for their children's birthday party. We always encourage parents to never leave their children's entertainment till the last minute. Secure your booking as soon as possible.

You Save Lots Of Stress!

Nobody likes to deal with stress, especially when it can be easily avoided. The best thing you can do for your children's party is to book your entertainment right away. We literally speak to hundreds of parents every single week. There's bookings all throughout the year, right up to Christmas as well. Once your entertainment is securely booked that's half the job done!

You Can Alter Any Details Afterwards!

Even if you have the perfect party planned for your child's special day, there is always the possibility you need to change some details afterwards. This could be the location of the party, the date & time or even a change in the type of package you booked. If you need to make an adjustment afterwards, that's not a problem. Our head office is more than happy to make any changes for you afterwards. The important  thing for you to do is secure your booking to begin with and worry about possible changes afterwards.

No Risk Of Poor Entertainment!

At Non-Stop Kids it's not often we have been contacted by parents who have been let down by their other entertainment company and ask if we can quickly accommodate them on short notice. We do our best to help all parents and while there have been times we've managed to squeeze an entertainer any, sometimes it's just not possible. We're a national company with over one hundred entertainers spread across the country.

The problem with a lot of other entertainment companies out there is they are one man bands. That means they work exclusively on their own. If they get sick, have an emergency or simply decide they liked another gig better, that means they don't have the resources to accommodate you with another entertainer. One of the problems with leaving your booking till the last moment means the only entertainment available at the time might be someone who lets you down on the day. That's the last thing we want anyone to experience.

It Will Give You Peace Of Mind!

The best part about your children's party is the reassurance that your booking is secured and ready to go. Now that your garden party entertainment has been secured with Non-Stop Kids, all you need to do from there is simply wait for your children's special day to arrive. Non-Stop Kids have never, not once, let anyone down. If the entertainer is suddenly sick or runs into problems on the way, we will have another entertainer on standby ready to go. Rest assured you book Non-Stop Kids with confidence.

Amazing Garden Parties Await!

We're thrilled to be providing garden parties once again. This lockdown has been hard for everyone but now we have reassurance to know everything will return to normal within a couple of months. Our Garden Package has been designed from scratch to adhere with all Government Guidelines while providing a hassle free experience. Get in touch and we'll be happy to talk to you about providing a garden party. Send in a no obligation consultation form or call us on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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