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What Do I Need To Provide For Garden Party Entertainment? | Garden Parties With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

With only one more month to go until lockdown officially ends, it's important that we follow all the rules & guidelines until June 21st. The great news is Non-Stop Kids are providing our Garden Party Package once again. We designed this amazing concept back in the summer of 2020 to bring a safe & hassle free experience right to your outdoor space.

Essential Preparations for Garden Party Entertainment | Non-Stop Kids' Enchanting Garden Gatherings

Our amazing entertainers follow strict cleaning procedures and follow all precautions to make sure your garden party is safe without losing any of the show's quality. We are speaking to parents every single day who are eager to know what they need to do on the day of their children's party. We're going to break down what you need to provide for our entertainers in today's blog. All simple & easy stuff!

Outdoor Space!

As suggested in the name, the main feature you need to provide is your garden. It should be large enough that it separates households to socially distance inline with the Government Guidelines. The space will also include room for our entertainers to set up all of their party equipment where they can perform while maintaining social distancing rules. While most of our speakers can run on battery, if required our entertainers might require a safe extension lead to use. Other than that you're good to go!

Separate Entrance!

As of now we are allowed to have up to 30 people from separate households attending your outdoor party. If you have a separate entrance to your garden then this will allow our entertainer to set everything up without going inside your home. This is better for everyone as it reduces any unnecessary risks. You don't have to worry if you don't have a side entrance. Our entertainers will quickly go through your home to set up everything instead.

Tables For Collection!

We also highly recommend you have a separate small table set up outside. When it comes to the balloons or prizes/sweets that our entertainer will provide, instead of handing them out like we normally do, the table can be used as a collection point. This way the kids can come and pick them up themselves and reduce any need for face to face contact.

Hand Sanitisers!

Hygiene is of the utmost priority to you and your guests. It's always great to have hand sanitiser/antibacterial hand wash available for your guests. This will allow everyone to sanitise their hands before arrival and during the party.

Preparing For The Weather!

Anyone who resides within the UK will know there is always the possibility of rain hitting. It never hurts to have suitable covers set up around your garden to prepare for wet weather while ensuring that social distancing is still possible. This will also allow our entertainer to continue performing as well. We have another blog offering advice for preparing your party against the weather.

Don't Exceed The Limit!

We cannot emphasize how important it is that you don't exceed the number of people attending your party, including our entertainer. The last thing we want to happen is for anyone to get into trouble for breaching the rules and ruining your children's birthday. At the time of this blog we are now allowed to have up to 30 people attending garden parties. You could have 20 children, 9 adults and 1 entertainer, for example. It won't be long now until all the limitations have been officially removed and we won't have to follow any more restrictions by June 21st.

Have A Great Time!

Follow these simple features and you are guaranteed a fantastic & safe birthday party experience. We have to remember that it won't be long now until everything returns to normal. The Roadmap out of Lockdown has gone great with normality returning on a monthly basis. Until then Non-Stop Kids are here to provide an amazing hassle free experience. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation. We're more than happy to talk you through the process and answer any queries. Have an amazing day and we'll speak to you soon!


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