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Why Online Birthday Parties Are Less Hassle Than Normal Parties! | Online Kids Party

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

We have performed over 4,000 virtual parties over the following year. If you have ever experienced one of our virtual packages for your children's birthday party, you will know there are a lot of unique advantages compared to a live party. The reason they are so popular is because of how interactive and easy they are to partake in.

Simplified Convenience: Online Birthday Parties vs. Traditional Celebrations! | Virtual Kids' Party Experience

With Christmas on the way very soon, we have introduced our Virtual Christmas Package to prepare for the upcoming holidays. What if we told you virtual parties are actually less hassle than a live party? Sounds crazy but very much true. Your children's virtual party is far less hassle to organise and run. In today's blog we are going to break down the main reasons online parties are easier to organise than a standard party.

No Hassle For You!

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we provide non-stop interaction with all the children and run your whole party for you. The children have a great time, the birthday child is made to feel extra special and the whole experience is hassle free for you. Online birthday parties are no different. They are even less hassle compared to a live party. Everything included with your virtual party is designed to run online. You don't have to tidy up any leftovers, no need to accommodate other parents with food & drink and much more. You can sit back and enjoy the show with a nice cuppa of tea!

You won't even need to worry about other accessories you would find at a live party. This includes balloons, decorations and much more. Even if you are preparing these accessories in advance, there is still the matter of receiving them and setting everything up on the day. Most of that won't be needed when it comes to a virtual party. You can still have the birthday cake for your child and decorate the room your party will be hosted in but that's all you will need. Everyone participating will be in the comfort of their homes. All you need to do is invite the parents with a single link and everything is taken care of.

They Are Cheaper!

Because you don't have to save up for additional costs, you will save quite a bit of money.  We have offered plenty of advice in the past with our previous blogs on how to run parties with a limited budget because we know there are a lot of parents out there trying to spend as little as possible. Without a venue, giant buffet and all the other accessories you will be saving a lot of money that could be used for a more positive concept. Maybe you wanted to buy your child a toy they wanted in the past but you couldn't afford it at the time. Now is the perfect chance to use that money to get them something special!

No Extra Planning!

Likewise, if you have ever planned a children's birthday party before, you will know there are a lot of steps involved during preparation. You want to decide where the party is going to take place, the time slot you want the party to run for, how you will send out the invitations and the best way for parents to arrive. None of that will be necessary when it comes to a virtual party. The party will be hosted from the comfort of your own home, and that removes the need for a venue. Once everything is set up all you need to do is simply tell other parents the time & date of the party and provide them with an invitation link to join. No one has to leave their homes and worry about making it on time. Everyone's a winner!

Virtual Invitations!

Imagine how great it would be to send out virtual invitations before your children's party begins. Virtual invitations are an amazing concept and set the mood for online birthday parties well in advance. They are nothing like a RSVP invitation. The invitations are custom animated and themed to be sent out to your guests well in advance. As with a normal invitation they will include the details of your children's party such as the birthday child's name, their birthday age and the date & time of the party. We have an additional vlog that breaks down more details of a virtual invitation. Check it out and see the wonders of e-invites.

Virtual Parties Are Amazing!

And there you have it! Virtual parties are easier and less hassle to organise compared to a live party. Ever since we introduced our virtual packages they have become very popular with many parents. The concept is adored and we want everyone to experience how amazing they are. With Christmas on the way soon, we are taking more bookings than ever. If you would like to speak with us about providing a children's entertainer for your online party, you can submit a no obligation form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or call us on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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