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Benefits To Hosting A Virtual Party At Home | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Over the course of a year now, virtual parties have become super popular amongst children's birthday parties as well as other events. Millions of users are using this incredible concept to meet up with their friends & family. Online parties are an amazing concept with hundreds of unique ideas you can put to good use!

Advantages of Hosting a Home Virtual Party | Online Celebration Experience

As the largest children's entertainment in the U.K we have provided over 4,000 virtual parties to children's birthdays all across the country. We have even provided parties to child's wards in the NHS as well as for Octopus Energy. It's been a super fun journey and we want all parents to experience how amazing they are. In today's blog we talk about the benefits to hosting a virtual birthday party at home and why it's better than you imagined!

Saves Lots of Time!

We run out of time in a single day to try and do everything we originally had planned. You could set yourself plans throughout the day such as parties, meetings, getting coffee with friends and chances are you wouldn't be able to commit to all of them. Another reason why virtual birthday parties are great is because we can meet up with all of our friends and family from across the country to participate together. You and your friends could plan what you usually do on a daily basis but do these activities from home instead and get everything you had planned done within a single day.

You will save yourself so much time. Setting up a virtual party only requires the application you will use along with a smart device with internet connection. it's far less time consuming than a live party. No one has to travel anywhere either. Hosting your children's party at home allows all the parents to tune in from the comfort of each of their homes.

It’s Global!

We all have friends and family who live in another part of the country that requires quite the drive. Some of us might have friends & family who live overseas. Thanks to virtual parties we don't have to worry about travel anymore! People across the world can join instantly. Regardless of where you live, as long as everyone can pick a time that works for everyone and they have a smart device with a good internet connection, everyone can join in the fun. This creates the perfect opportunity for your child to see one of their distant relatives or friends.

Decorate To Your Heart’s Content!

If you go with a certain theme for your virtual party, the use of special lighting effects and props that tie in with this theme can quickly transform an ordinary living room into an amazing party space. The power of imagination is strong when you put your mind to something. Your child might love a certain TV show or movie that you can easily decorate your house to resemble their favourite theme. It's your house and you can decorate to your heart's content!

You're In Charge Of The Party!

From the moment you decide to hold a virtual birthday party from home you are in full control! When it comes to booking parties in venues there are usually certain rules the building's manager enforces (e.g. no free parking, no moving the tables, etc). But because you are in the host within your own home you get to pick the date that suits all of your guests and the type of theme you want to go with. There is much more freedom rather than having to abide by venues' rules and restrictions.

The Best Hassle Free Experience!

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Just some of the many benefits why virtual birthday parties are amazing to use for friends and family! Non-Stop Kids are proud to say our virtual packages have put thousands of smiles across children's faces and we aim to continue doing so. Why not join in the fun? If you’re interested in booking a Virtual Party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, simply fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Alternatively give us a call on 0333 301 3002. While you're at it check out our previous vlogs that talk more into online parties and why they are amazing.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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