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How Non-Stop Kids Manage Children's Parties For 2 Hours | Children's Parties

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Non-Stop Kids have performed over 9,000 parties as of last year and thanks to our virtual packages, we were able to continue performing for children's birthdays during lockdown. We also have contracts with iconic themed parks such as Alton Towers and Drayton Manor. Our entertainers are incredible performers and always give 110% every single time!

Non-Stop Kids' Approach to 2-Hour Children's Party Management | Children's Parties

When we perform for children's parties one of the most common things we hear is, "Wow, how did you entertain all the kids for 2 hours?" That is a brilliant question. It may seem like a difficult task to keep the attention of children for two hours but that's when we specialise in. Whenever it's only a few children or up to 40, our entertainers have years of experience and are more than prepared to handle any type of party, including virtual parties as well.

Non-Stop Interaction!

If you are curious as to how Non-Stop Kids manage kids for two hours, let's take our Hassle Free Package for example. As the name suggests this package is designed to be a hassle free experience for the parents. Our entertainer takes care of all the entertainment. They arrive well in advance to set up all their party equipment and create an amazing party atmosphere before the kids walk into the room. All of our party equipment is tested and state of the art technology.

Once the party begins, the kids are immediately engaged with our entertainer's award winning magic show! Often described as a mini pantomime, our entertainers perform an interactive show for all the kids and we even get the birthday child to help with a special trick. Halfway into the party when it's usually time for the kids to eat, our entertainer continues running the disco before kicking off the rest of the party with high energy party games that are all played to the music and supply prizes at the end of the party. No child is going to decline the chance to win prizes & sweets.

And that is the key to the party. Throughout the two hours our entertainer never stopped. From the beginning of the show the kids are immediately engaged and because everyone is involved and interacted with the whole time, the show is their main focus. With our high energy party games everyone got to take part and best of all, no one gets eliminated. All of our games are designed to make sure everyone gets to play and no one is ever left out. It's unfair to disqualify kids out of games and if the birthday child is knocked out of a game from their own party, that's just chaos begging to happen. Because no one gets eliminated our entertainer engages with everyone the whole way through and the kid's attention is never focused elsewhere.

How Does This Work With Other Packages?

As mentioned earlier, our childrens entertainer introduced new packages in 2020 when lockdown first began. We wanted to ensure the kid's didn't have to miss their birthday party and that's why we introduced our Virtual Party Package. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we were able to run a party online for up to 100 children. We set the party up for you and will send you a link which you share with all of your child's friends. The children are able to see each other as well as the entertainer, allowing them a truly interactive experience. Our Virtual Party Package still includes our award winning magic shows, high energy party games and dance competitions. We even took it one step further and allowed you the opportunity to have a full recording of your virtual party. You get your very own videographer and have amazing memories for your child to look back on in the future.

Thanks For Reading!

The key is engagement and interaction. Our entertainers always go the extra mile to ensure your children's party is interactive and amazing. Everyone one of our entertainers are highly experienced and have many years of practise when it comes to entertaining children! It's their passion and regardless of how big a challenge, they overcome any obstacle! Thanks for tuning into today's blog. We would love to speak with you about providing entertainment for your children's party. Give us a call at 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form for a no-obligation quote. We'll speak to you soon!


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