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How To Boost Your Confidence On Stage

There's nothing more terrifying then the thought of performing live on stage. It's something many of us go through. In the world of entertainment, performing on stage is must. Okay, so we’ve all heard that little trick of imagining everyone naked in the audience so you delude yourself into putting the embarrassment upon them, but if you don’t have that sort of mind then what do you do?

How Can I Boost My Confidence?

First of all, what could really happen that means the end of the world? Is the world going to stop turning if you say something incorrectly? Will the stage set on fire if you have an awkward pause? No!

Trust us when we say that if you stare at someone in your audience, they will feel much more scared than you are (it’s also quite amusing) so at least you know that you’re not the only one in the room who’s feeling slightly nerve wrecked. But if you still have doubts, fear not for Non Stop Kids are going to boost your confidence!

So, Onto An Actual Realistic Point!

Then again, you may not want to scare your audience if you rely on good feedback so try just remembering that every single person in this universe will have felt nervous at some point and they have got through it just fine. So can you! By the end of it, you will be absolutely fine

Think about it: by the end of the performance you will still be alive and well. You may be shaking off the last of the nerves but you will have got through a great performance and still be there by the end of it.

Who Hasn’t Had Nerves?

Top celebrities have nerves, professionals who have been in their area of work for a long time still get nerves, animals get nerves, who doesn’t get nerves? Nerves are good! If you are nervous about something, it shows that you care and are determined to do a good job.

You are literally one in millions of people who experience nervousness at some point of their lives. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from or how popular you are, every single person will experience this, so don’t feel like you’re alone! Try to not get too tangled up with irrelevant thoughts A lot of people feel weak or ashamed of nerves but like we mentioned above, everyone gets them and it’s a natural feeling that you shouldn’t be afraid to feel.

Try not to fight the feelings, too. It's unusually heard of, but actually just embracing and accepting your nervousness will actually ease your feelings. It’s okay to be nervous and it’s natural. Accept what you feel and move on!

Focus On The Task In Hand!

When performing and feeling nervous, focus on the task in hand to try and keep your mind focused on doing a great performance. If you try your best then that’s all that matters! Remember, how you think you’re doing doesn’t necessarily mean that others think the same.

Ever heard of the saying, "you are much more critical of yourself than others are of you"? Well, it’s true! You know yourself better than anyone else but you are also your own worst enemy. If you say a line or comment someone else probably thinks, “they just said a comment” whilst you are losing your hair worrying about the pitch of your voice when really….no one cares.

There's Nothing To Worry About!

Don't worry about a thing! So, for those of you little worriers, there really is nothing to worry about and if you are worrying, then just remember to embrace it and do your best! Anyone who has the guts to go on the stage in the first place must be brave!

You are brave!

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