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How To Get A Discount From Non Stop Kids Entertainment

As you may know, we are the largest children’s entertainment company in the UK. We perform at over 7000 children’s birthday parties a year. We have a lot of clients. Every day we take bookings from new customers and existing clients. A lot of our work comes from word of mouth and repeat bookings. The reason for this is we strive for perfection at every party we perform at.

However, when we take a booking from a new customer we frequently get asked for a discounted rate. In this blog we are going to explain how you can get a discount from the largest children’s entertainment company in the UK.

Have a look at this meme which we found on the internet. It basically sums up our thoughts about discounts.

You see, we don’t think it’s fair when companies give massive discounts to new customers and yet expect their existing customers to pay full price. And yet this happens all the time.

When your phone contract is set to expire you will normally get the best deal by going somewhere else. Phone companies will promise you the raft to get you on board and yet your expecting supplier will not offer you anything unless you threaten to leave. Honestly, do you think this is fair?

We don’t think it’s fair at all which is why you cannot get a discounted rate with Non Stop Kids Entertainment if you are a new customer. Don’t get us wrong, we love getting free customers and our prices are very, very competitive. You will probably find we are cheaper than most even without a discount. However, you won’t get an extra discount unless you have used us before.

We don’t think it’s fair to our existing customers that we offer special rates to new customers and yet expecting existing customers to pay full price. But there is something else to consider which is how busy we are.

Typically, our weekends are fully booked. Our biggest problem as a company is that we turn so many people away. We are not exaggerating when we say we turn away about 100 parents a week due to having no availability. Companies tend to offer discounts when they are struggling for work. They are looking for ways to get more customers. Look at Groupon, for example. The reason companies advertise on Groupon is because they need more customers. We are in the very fortunate position that we have too many customers.

How Do You Get A Discount From Non Stop Kids Entertainment?

Simply putting it, the best way is to become a customer. Once you have had a party with us we will send you regular special offers. Discounts off future parties, discounts off parties for friends and family. Special offers to see us perform live. We value our existing customers. We bake that they have placed their trust in us and we want to repay that over and over again.

To summarise up this blog, if you want a discount from Non Stop Kids Entertainment, simply book us for your party. You will love it, your child will love it, their friends will love it. You will want to come back again and again and we will make it easy to do so.

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