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How To Spot A Dodgy Entertainer

If you are considering hiring an entertainer, the last thing you want to do is hiring a dodgy entertainer to perform at your kid's parties. They're there to make your children's birthday special, not to mess it up and create a disastrous. Today, we're going to explain to advise you on how to spot a dodgy entertainer and decide whether or not to hire them.

How Can I Spot A Dodgy Entertainer?

You should always contact the company or entertainer themselves if you are hiring their services to find out more information about them. The information that you need to find out will be listed in this blog so you can make sure you are hiring the best and most suitable entertainer for your child’s birthday party.

Do They Have Past Experience Working With children As An Entertainer?

Any entertainer that you’re considering hiring should have previous experience in the entertainment industry, especially entertaining children. If they have no experience then they will have no idea how to entertain the children at your party and you’ll potentially end up with the average 20 - 30 disruptive, bored and hazardous children; what better way could you think of spending your afternoon trying to control that lot?

Not the ideal party you want to have. Always ask the entertainer about their past work and never be afraid to check out the website or ask for references.

Do They Have A DBS Certificate!

Although it is not required by law, you can ask them for a DBS certificate if they have one. DBS certificates are only required when an adult works with children without supervision from another adult. It is usually advisable to have a DBS certificate and all the entertainers at Non Stop Kids have one as we believe is a good asset. If they do not have one, however then that is fine, but if that’s the case then take advice off the other points in this blog!

Is Their Equipment PAT Tested?

Have they got a certificate for their equipment? Equipment being used for social events in public service should be PAT tested to ensure they are safe and work properly so they are no safety risk to anybody there. If they don’t have PAT tested equipment, then their equipment may be dodgy or unsafe to use, so always check beforehand. The last thing you want is for a faulty piece of equipment to cause potential harm.

Do They Have Any Evidence To Prove They Are Who They Claim They Are?

This evidence could be in the form of social media or pictures, a website, reviews, posters, TV, etc. If they have some sort of recognition, then that’s a good sign that they are a genuine entertainer as they are good enough to be publishing their services to the public. Be aware that this is only one factor though, some entertainers have published their work but they aren’t actually as good as they claim. Furthermore, there is always the off chance that the entertainer is running a scam to con potential parents out of their money. Never leave research too lightly.


Look for reviews from others about the entertainer. Are their reviews good? Then they are likely to be a good entertainer and vice versa for bad reviews; they will likely to be a bad entertainer. The reviews act as social proof of the standard and quality of the entertainers service. Most importantly, always check the reviews from other parents on that entertainer. If they have a lot of negative reviews that explain why their performance is lacking, then that's a big red flag!

Trust Your Gut Instinct!

Most people’s gut instinct tell them whether they feel a good vibe or a bad vibe about a certain place/person/situation and for you to be confident with the choice of entertainer, then go with your gut instinct!

We can usually tell a lot about a person by assessing their use of speech & voice and in what they write/type. By no doubt will you be able to pick up the vibe and your instinct will tell you whether or not the entertainer is passionate and dedicated to their work, or just a lazy and uninterested individual trying to make quick cash.

Keep These In Mind And You'll Avoid Hiring A Dodgy Entertainer!

Always ensure to check out the entertainer you are considering to hire as some entertainers aren’t who you think they are, so always make sure they are genuine to avoid any fraud, bad service or disappointment. Remember how you want to spend your afternoon! Thanks for reading. To avoid hiring a dodgy entertainer and receive the best, consider booking Non Stop Kids Entertainment! You can fill in a form, send it to us and we'll get back to you within the hour! Or if you want to immediately get started, you can call us directly at 0333 301 3002!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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