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Why Children's Entertainment Industry Has Become So Busy After COVID | Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Ever since social restrictions have ended within the UK and Wales, the children's entertainment industry has become busier than ever before. When the pandemic first started back in March 2020, we introduced our Virtual Party Package to make sure no child had to miss their birthday party. Even after restrictions were beginning to ease, virtual parties were still a very popular option.

The Surge in the Children's Entertainment Industry Post-COVID | Non-Stop Kids

At the time of this blog we are within November 2021. Christmas is the busiest time of the year for us. Most if not all of our weekend slots are completely fully booked. Our kids party entertainment even have bookings all the way into January and February next year as well. Ever since COVID restrictions have concluded, we are busier than ever before. More parents than ever want to secure children's entertainment for their kid's birthday party.

Why is this? The answer is simple: because we couldn't have live entertainment during the lockdown period, everyone is trying to make up for their child's missed birthday parties by booking their kids entertainment now. Of course, our virtual parties were just as great as a live party, but there's something magical about having live parties that you just have an urge to experience. This isn't just children's parties. Our sister company, Slightly Unusual, is also taking hundreds of bookings for corporate entertainment within the next few months

Out of all the businesses that were affected by the pandemic, the entertainment industry was easily hit the hardest. While Non-Stop Kids had the resources to operate virtually, there were several other companies who were forced to close down and get different jobs. As a result, most parents are coming to us now instead. We're so busy over the next few months it's insane. That's why we're desperately encouraging everyone who hasn't secured their kids entertainment yet should definitely do it right now.

Amazing Kids Parties!

And there you have it. The entertainment industry is so busy at the moment, you will be lucky to find a weekend slot available within the next few weeks. It's one of the reasons we are encouraging everyone to secure a midweek party instead. If you're ready to secure your party entertainment, call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in an enquiry form through the banner below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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