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Kids Party Ideas | What To Do For Your Children's Party

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

There are only a few months until 2022 comes to an end. Since social restrictions within the UK and Wales were removed, there are more enquiries than ever coming in for live entertainment, especially with Halloween and Christmas approaching soon. Now that COVID is dying down, now's the time to look at your children's party plans for next year.

Children's Party Concepts | Planning Ideas for Your Kids' Celebration

As the largest children's entertainment, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about running a children's party. We're super thrilled social restrictions have been removed, allowing us to get back to what we do best. If you're looking for kids party ideas for the next year, check out today's blog for some concepts.

Themed & Non-Themed Parties!

There's plenty of choice available for your children's party. You can opt to go for a themed party or a non-themed party. The big advantage with themed parties is you can make the experience much more personal. At Non-Stop Kids we offer 10 different Themed Party Packages. If your children are really big into space stuff, we have an Alien Themed Party. Or if your child is really big into unicorns, our Unicorn Themed Package has our entertainers searching for unicorns with magic.

It's always great to find something your child is into and centre their party around that. If you decide to go with our standard Hassle Free Party Package, we can always incorporate certain elements to theme the party around something your child loves. Don't forget about the decorations as well. They will mesmerise the kids as it is the first thing they see when walking into the party, capturing their attention right away. If you're looking for somewhere to acquire party supplies, check out our sister company Non-Stop Kids Party Supplies.

House Party!

There's nothing wrong with opting to have your party at home. Why not go ahead and have a pizza night for all of the children? Everyone loves pizza. Not only would your child love to have all of their friends over to eat pizza, you will also save some money along the way. This also gives you space to get your table decorations as well as prepare some pre-filled party bags as a little handout for the kids at the end of the party!

Hire Local Village Halls!

A lot of parents tend to hire out local village halls. The large space is perfect for a kids party. You can usually rent most places for one to two hours, but it depends on the location and the demand of the hall. The big space allows children to just go wild. Some of them even have stages, allowing you to get a PA system and some music going on the stage or maybe even a DJ or entertainer.

Bouncy Castles!

Now you've probably read one of our previous blogs where we talked about why having a bouncy castle is a bad idea. This only applies if you have children's entertainment as well. But if you are planning a child's party without an entertainer there, bouncy castles are the way to go. They gather a lot of attention and will easily keep everyone occupied. But we do recommend checking out our bouncy castles blog.

The Local Play Barn or Wacky Warehouse!

Indoor play barns will keep the kids entertained for an hour or two! These are fantastic for a good two hours but bear in mind any hours after the kids will start to get bored. Play barns are good for a certain amount of time as they get very repetitive. How many times can one kid go down a slide before losing their mind?!

What Other Parents Have To Say?

According to a mother on another blog, she had this to say. "And don’t get into the competitive party thing. I have seen it so often, a small fortune spent on the children’s party to impress the other mums or family or children or whoever. Remember your child will be happy with anything, they don’t care if the party costs £100 or £500."

While she is right in the sense that you don't need to go over £300-£500 for your kids' party, one thing you need to remember is that they won't be happy with anything, especially once they get over the age of 5. Unfortunately in this day and age your child will go to other parties and they will have different ideas of what they want & they may want to compete and have a better party than little James from school!

So you do need to consider the budget and if you do want to make it special then you most definitely want to be spending around £100-200. You need to go into competition with anyone. Your goal is to throw the best party for your kid & we completely understand that.

Let Non-Stop Kids Help You!

Thank you for reading today's blog. We hope you found these kids party ideas helpful for the upcoming year. Why don't you save all the faffing around and give the biggest children's entertainment company in the country a call and let us do all the hard work for you! We've provided over 8,000 parties all across the country. 97% of parents said they would recommend us. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation.


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