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How To Make Sure Your Outdoor Garden Party Is A Success | Garden Parties 2020

Even before Garden Parties were introduced, Non-Stop Kids performed many parties outside during the summer. Parents want to take advantage of the summer months and hold their children's party outside. There are a lot of great reasons to to hold a birthday party outside. We perform regularly outside at festivals and birthday parties.

How To Make Sure Your Outdoor Garden Party Is A Success | Garden Parties 2020

If you are wanting to hold your child’s party outside, there are certain things you can do to ensure your party is a success. In today's blog we have outlined the most important things to consider to make sure your child’s garden party is a success.

Check If Your Entertainer Is Used To Performing Outside!

For a children's entertainer to perform at your party it's always worth checking if your entertainer is used to performing outdoors. As you know this is not a problem with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment but there some entertainers who refuse to perform outside. If you're hiring an entertainer we implore you to do your research first before hiring, always better to be safe then sorry. Also check that your entertainer's equipment can be used outside. All of our PA equipment run off an internet battery to work perfectly for both indoor or outdoor use. We built our Garden Party Package to adhere with Government Guidelines while guaranteeing an amazing experience but even before lockdown, we frequently performed outside during the summer time.

Inform Parents That The Party Will Be Outside!

While the parents should already know the type of party in advance, make sure to inform them just to be safe. It gives the parents plenty of notice to pack some sun screen and other things they might beed for their children before the party begins. In the summer heat it's always good to be prepared.

Put Up A Gazebo For Shade!

During this summer time we've had temperatures that have reached up to 30°C. The weather can reach scorching temperatures and that's why having a gazebo would be ideal. It will ensure the children are protected from the heat and have shade. During a magic show they will be sitting down for 45 minutes and that can be a long time in the direct sunshine. Having a gazebo will also ensure that if it rains lightly the show can go on without having to move indoors. Gazebos are quite cheap to buy from stores like Home Bargains and online shopping such as Amazon.

Seating For The Kids!

It's always good to have plenty of seating available for both the kids to have a rest but if you are hiring a children's entertainer it might be idea to try alternative method. If we are playing party games it would be a hassle to keep moving the chairs around for space. A great alternative decision is to put blankets across the floor so the kids can sit down during the magic show and for party food. If the blankets need to be moved it will be far easier then moving chairs.

A Contingency Plan In Case of Rain!

Regardless of how perfect a plan may be, always have a back up in place. Because we are using expensive electrical equipment, this would need to be moved under shelter if it started raining. After all, we live in U.K and the weather is very unpredictable! A back up plan will be the difference between a successful party and a disastrous one!

Make Sure You Position The Kids Facing In The Right Direction

If the children sit down to watch the show and the sun is in their eyes, this can be an absolute nightmare. The important thing is to make sure the position the kids facing in the right direction and they can see what we are doing. Test the area first for sun glare and if you have trouble seeing, then they will too.

Have Plenty Of Drinks Ready!

We all know how thirsty everyone gets during the summer and if you have children running around outside in the sun, they will need to be constantly hydrated. Our party games are very high energy with lots of dancing around and that's why you want to make sure everyone has plenty of water and other beverages ready.

Garden Parties Are Super Fun!

Garden parties are amazing we highly recommend them. Summer is still a long way from ending and we want all parents to experience them while the sun is high. If you would like to talk to Non-Stop Kids about booking a Garden Party Package we would love to speak with you! If you would like a no-obligation quote, send in a contact form! Or call us directly at 0333 301 3002! We'll speak to you soon!

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