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Making Your Own Monopoly Board For Your Kids - Vlog

Thanks for watching today's Vlog. As a parent you may still be working from home during this lockdown. Keeping your children entertained during quarantine sounds challenging, but with their own monopoly game they will be entertained for hours. Monopoly is an amazing game that can be played for hours on end. Imagine your children being able to make their own monopoly board! It can be tallied towards any location they are familiar with. Some kids might make it Disney themed, others magic themed. There's limitless potential! Best of all, there is so many ways to create their monopoly board. Take a piece of card such as the back of a cereal box, get your kids to draw their own layout and later put their own locations in. This will help them to relate to the game a lot more since it's something they are familiar with. It’s way more fun because your children land on places they know about and spend a lot more time playing on it. For an amazing guide on building your own version below, check out wikihow via the link below. It's an amazing step-by-step guide with illustrations and instructions. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and YouTube for amazing video content as well!

A Guide To Building Your Own Monopoly Board!

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