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The Most Important Thing To Understand About Virtual Children’s Parties - Vlog!

Thanks for tuning into another brand new vlog! We love our virtual parties and want all parents to experience how amazing they are for your children's birthday party. To create this amazing package we designed the concept all the way from the ground up with elements from our Hassle Free Package. This means you wouldn't see our entertainers performing virtual party games from a live party and vice versa.

Virtual parties are absolutely adored by parents. We have a lot of reviews on our TrustPilot and Facebook profiles. They are nothing short of phenomenal. Now that parents have got to experience a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids, they got to see how truly amazing they are! Compared to a live party, virtual parties are much less hassle while just as interactive. Everyone can see each other as well as the entertainer!

When it comes to inviting guests to your virtual party you can invite anyone from anywhere. A lot of us have long distant family & family friends who live further into the country. Some of us might have relatives who live overseas. They can join the fun too as long as they are in a similar time zone with an internet connection. A virtual party is also perfect for shy children. If your child is shy and doesn't like to be the centre of attention, not a problem! They will have the option to turn off their video camera while they can still watch the party from the comfort of their home.

The kids will feel more relaxed in an environment they are comfortable with! If you decide to go with our Deluxe Virtual Parties, not only do you get amazing virtual invitations but after the party has ended you will get to keep a digital recording of the entire party. This will be available to download and send to your other friends. This is the perfect chance for your child to look back at anytime and see an amazing party they got to experience.

Check out our virtual party packages and find the perfect one for your children's birthday. When you're ready to book send us an enquiry form for a no-obligation consultation or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks again for checking out today's vlog and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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