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NSK TV And Why It's Amazing - Vlog

Thank you for watching this Vlog! During a tough period of self-isolation it is important that your children stay active & their brains are stimulated with new information. That's why we have created an NSK TV schedule! Every day from 8AM - 6PM we will have award winning entertainment shows for your little ones to watch! We have Magic Shows every day at 12PM! For the younger ones we do Tiny Tots Chill Down Times! We also make education fun with Maths Time and Science Experiments! All of our entertainers are absolutely amazing and guarantee to keep your children entertained during this self-isolation period! While we keep them busy you can sit back and enjoy cuppa!

NSK TV isn't just to keep kids entertained, it's also the perfect chance for yo to sit back and enjoy a hassle free experience! With over 100 kids entertainers UK wide we have the ability to add even more online shows & slots! As previously stated in the Vlog, all of our entertainers are self-employed and we want to support them however possible. If you can spare a bit of donation, our entertainers will be forever grateful! Enjoy NSK TV, make sure to subscriber for notifications and have an amazing day!



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