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NSK TV - Children's Online Shows!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

You're stuck at home and want to keep your kids entertained. Fortunately for you there are tons of children's online shows out there to keep your kids entertained, including NSK TV! In today's blog we introduce you to our children's online show NSK TV and why it is amazing!

NSK TV - Online Shows for Children!

During a tough period of self-isolation it is important that your children stay active and their brains are stimulated. That's why we have created an NSK TV schedule! Every day from 8AM - 6PM we will have award winning entertainment shows for your little ones to watch! Our timetable changes every day to accommodate everything a child loves! We have Magic Shows every day at 12PM! In this slot our entertainers perform some amazing close up magic for your little ones to enjoy. From card tricks to coin magic, kids absoutely love magic! You can find one of our videos below!

Magic Time!

Our children's online show isn't just for older kids. We cover kids ages from 2 to 12. For the younger ones we do Tiny Tots Chill Down Times! NSK TV isn't just all fun and games but we also make some educational content fun! On Mondays and Fridays we do Science Experiments & Fun with Maths. In one of our recent episodes we taught kids how to solve secret codes. Imagine learning that now and then putting it to good practise for a future exam. Kids will get learn something new while simultaneously having fun. Check out said video here!

Fun Maths!

All of our entertainers are absolutely amazing and guarantee to keep your children entertained during this self-isolation period! Children's Online Shows are amazing to introduce to your kids while they are stuck at home. While we keep them busy you can sit back and enjoy cuppa! NSK TV isn't just a place for children but it is also a place where parents/guardians can sit & relax while the kids are watching some amazing entertainment. We want to provide hassle free entertainment online as well as Hassle Free Party Packages in person! With over 100 kids entertainers U.K wide we have the ability to add even more online shows & slots!

Where Can I Watch NSK TV?

You can check out NSK TV via the link below. Here you will find everything there is to know! We have Magic, Fun Maths, Science Experiments, Fun Time, Action Dances and much more! While there you can find our timetable schedule and our Facebook and YouTube where we upload all of our episodes. Thanks for reading today's blog. With NSK TV we guarantee you an exciting series and more!


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