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Online Birthday Parties Are Better Then Live Parties | Virtual Party

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

What would you say if we were to tell you that virtual parties are actually better then live parties? Sounds crazy but very true. Online parties offer so many unique advantages you wouldn't find at a live party. When we first introduced our Virtual Package back in March 2020, we spoke to many parents who were initially hesitant over the idea but now they have grown to love it and for good reason!

Virtual Celebrations Outshine In-Person Gatherings for Birthday Parties | Online Party Experience

There are many reasons virtual birthday parties are better than a live party. For starters, they are just as interactive. It's nothing like looking at a static screen. All of the kids can see each other, see the entertainer and communicate as if they were together in person. One of the best advantages about an online party is there are no additional costs involved. In the past we spent days organising all the accessories you would find at a normal birthday party. This includes finding a venue that can accommodate everyone in attendance, arranging for food and drink, finding appropriate party decorations and much more. With a virtual party all you need to pay for is the party itself and the entertainer. It's much easier and cheaper to arrange.It's far less hassle as you don't need to worry about all the extensive planning. Our entertainers run the whole show for you. All you need to do is just provide the invitation link to everyone.

Online birthday parties are also perfect for shy children. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we specialise in getting shy children out of their shell and celebrating their special day with confidence but we understand some kids don't like to be the centre of attention. Not a problem! Every child will have the option to turn off their video camera while they can still watch the party from the comfort of their home. Kids will feel more relaxed in an environment they are familiar with and have a great time. And then we have the number one advantage: recording your whole party experience.Thanks to the amazing technology included with our Virtual Package we can record your whole party experience and give you the footage to keep forever. In the past you may have hired a professional videographer to record your children's birthday party for you. Virtual parties give you your very own free videographer. You will keep the footage forever and your child can look back anytime to remember the amazing party they got to experience!

Speaking of invitations, one of the biggest advantages of virtual parties is you can invite friends from anywhere in the world! A lot of kids have friends & family who live overseas in countries such as the US, Australia and many more. Your children's virtual birthday creates the perfect opportunity to arrange a catch up. They can tune into your children's party and join the fun. All they need is an internet connection and a time that works well for both sides. One of our clients has recently experienced a virtual party with us had this to say, "We are currently based in the Middle East and a virtual party meant she could invite her friends who also live here, her friends back in the UK and also her friends in other parts of the world! In fact, our party spanned three continents! It was as if we were all in one room together, even though geographically we were so far apart."

Online birthday parties are amazing. Don't discourage the idea just because it sounds different. We have hundreds of reviews on our Facebook page from parents who have experienced a virtual experience with Non-Stop Kids. A lot of our reviews start with, "I didn't expect it to be as good as it was!" We are more than happy to speak to you about virtual parties and break everything you need to know. Simply send us a contact form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or alternatively, call us on 033 301 3002 and get through directly. Thanks for checking out today's blog and we will speak to you soon.

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