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Party Ideas For A Birthday During Lockdown

Just because we're in lockdown doesn't mean you're limited for party ideas for your child's birthday. From the comfort of your home, there are tons of concepts you can put to good use to make your child's birthday special and rememberable! In today's Blog we are going to name a few party ideas you can put to good use. From picnic parties to virtual parties, there are tons of ideas available for you!

Party Ideas For A Birthday During Lockdown!

Teddy Bear Picnic Party!

You may think a child is lonely on their special day but never underestimate the power of imagination. To a child their stuffed friends are very much real. Every child collects cute teddy bears that brings them comfort and joy. What not make it into a Reddy Bear Picnic Party? Your child can set up a circle of teddy bears on a picnic rug within the comfort of their own back garden! If they have siblings with bears as well, they can join in the fun and make it an amazing fun party!

Get Dressed Up!

Just because you’re stuck in doors doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Everyone has a favourite TV show they grew up watching. To a child, fictional characters serve as their icon and want to be like their favourite hero. For their birthday party go ahead and make it a themed one! Get your child to dress as their favourite superhero or other characters they adore. Get the whole family involved! The birthday child will feel special if everyone in their family has made the extra effort to make their happy day one to remember!

Netflix Watch Party!

If your child loves a certain movie/show that's on Netflix then download a Chrome extension and get all children to watch the birthday child's choice of film. Everyone loves Netflix! There's limitless options available for your child to watch that their friends will love as well! Get everyone together online through social media platforms and enjoy a movie night!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt!

We bombard our children with presents for their birthdays, Christmas and other special holidays. Instead of making it a simple pass and open, why not make it more fun and last longer with a scavenger hunt? Hide the presents across the house and write clues to help your little one find them. The thrill of it all will excited your child and it’ll take a god chunk of their day to find their presents. Kids love to do things when there are awards involved!

Virtual Parties!

It’s amazing how lucky we are to have the technology to throw our little ones a party from the comfort of our home. We now have the ability to host a virtual party online! Virtual parties are an amazing concept to host a child’s birthday party while simultaneously connecting with all of their friends. You an send out invites through emails or texts with the link of the chosen party host and invite up all of your family and friends to take part!

No party is complete without playing some games. Virtual parties allow us to play classic games such as charades, karaoke and much more! You could even make it more fun by having all the kids take part in an online scavenger hunt. With planning in advance with the other parents, all the kids could have a alphabet scavenger hunt where each child goes around and finds an item in the house starting with each letter. Phones, laptops and tablets can be used to take part in a virtual party!

Non-Stop Kids have their very own Virtual Party Package and since its launch we’ve had nothing but amazing feedback from parents! Our entertainers set up all the technical sides and take care of all the hassle! All you need to do is share the link between other parents and relax! We also have amazing customise virtual invitations with our Deluxe Virtual Party!

Thanks for reading today’s Blog!

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