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How To Plan The Best Birthday Party Ever For Your Child | Children's Entertainer

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As a parent you understand the importance of making your children's birthday the best day you can ever make it. It's easy to get caught up in trying to compare what you want to do with what other parents have done. Just remember that you don't have anything to prove to any other parent. You don't need to spend tons of time or money to make a party great. It's all about the quality, not the quantity.

Crafting the Ultimate Birthday Celebration for Your Child | Children's Entertainer Insights

If you want to plan the best birthday party ever for your kid's birthday, this blog will offer some amazing advice on how to make your child's special day one of the best parties they will ever experience!

Preparation Is Everything!

The key to a great party is to give yourself more than enough time to plan everything. Leaving your party planning till the very last minute is never going to end well. Give yourself at least 8 weeks to begin planning your child's party. This will give you time to decide where the party is going to be hosted (and if you are planning on booking a venue, it will secure your booking with them) and put together a checklist. Work through your checklist bit by bit and before you know it, everything will be ready with plenty of time left.

Make Space For Your Entertainment!

It wouldn't be a party without a children's entertainer. If you have decided to hire a children's entertainer for your kids party and want it to be indoors, make sure there is plenty of room for your entertainer to perform in and for the kids to gather around as well. At Non-Stop Kids we are glad to be performing inside venues again and have the equipment to set up everything in advance. Our entertainers arrive half an hour before they are scheduled to begin to ensure they have more than enough time to set up.

Birthday Party Theme!

Having a theme for your child's birthday is optional but it's also great to include. Having a themed party makes your child's party much more personal to them and creates a unique atmosphere. Kids love different themed characters and would make their special day ten times better! If your child is really into pirates, for example, then make it a pirate themed party. Or if your child is really big into Marvel and DC, make it a superhero themed party. It's very easy to incorporate the theme of the party with your decorations and brighten up the room!

Preparing Food!

Different kids have specific diet requirements. Some kids might not be able to eat certain foods because of allergies or certain health styles. It's good to check with the parents in advance to make sure everyone is accommodated for. To go one step further and make planning easier, go with preparing snack boxes instead of buffets. You can prepare everyone's snack boxes individually with their name labelled on top, pack each box with a balanced meal (sandwiches, snack bar, crips and a bottled drink) and hand them out to each kid. They are much easier to organise, you save money, there is no leftover mess and the parents will appreciate you were considerate enough to cater for each of their children individually.

How Long Should The Party Be?

Children's birthday parties usually tend to be shorter than an adult party. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment most of the parties we attend usually run around 2 hours to 90 minutes while they are more structured. Ideal time slots usually range from either 11AM till 1PM or 3PM till 5PM. Outside of those times, parents are normally less likely to come. If you want more kids at your child’s party, stick to 11:00AM till 1:00PM or 3:00PM till 5:00PM. During the party there is time for games, food and presents. For a full experience without running too long or too short, go with the 2 hour time slot. Perfect time for everyone.

Have A Great Birthday Party!

Thank you very much for reading today's blog. We have performed over 8,000 parties and our entertainers love to see the smiles of the birthday child when they are having an amazing time. Keep these tips in mind and you are guaranteed to throw the best birthday party ever! We would love to help make your children's birthday great and help take away all the hassle. Get in touch with either a contact form or call us directly. You can visit our website through the banner below! We will speak to you soon!

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