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Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party in | Children's Party Entertainment

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

As we are only a couple of months away from Christmas at the time of this blog, we are taking more bookings than ever. If you checked out one of our previous vlogs, you will have heard that bookings are quickly filled up for the upcoming Christmas holidays

Arranging Your Child's Birthday Party | Children's Celebration Entertainment Planning

We are taking bookings well into 2021 and are encouraging parents who have children's birthdays in either January or February to book now and secure your spot. Thanks to venues now opening again and things beginning to feel normal, we wanted to publish this new blog to talk about planning your children's birthday party for 2021.

Pick The Right Time & Day For Your Party!

You can plan your party whenever you want to, but our entertainers (many of whom are parents themselves) that birthday parties on weekends are more ideal then in the week. We understand you would love your kid's party to be on the day itself, but if it is on a week day you might not be able to get as many guests. Parents who have been to work might be too tired to bring their children to your party or might have to work in the evening instead. There is absoluely nothing wrong about celebrating their birthday on another. The most important is giving your child a special time!

When lockdown first begun we are allowing all of our clients with bookings to reschedule their party to any date within the next 12 months. The bottom line is is you can plan your children's party whenever you want to but just consider what would be a good date & time for your guests as well. When it comes to time slots we recommend times for the weekend are 11am to 1pm, 3pm till 5pm or 4pm - 6pm!

Set Your Budget!

Always remember the old saying of, "Less is more." One of the first places you can easily go overboard with is your budget. Set yourself a realistic budget that is reasonable and stick to you. Prioritise what you need to make your child's birthday fantastic and think about what is needed. We have performed at many parties and something we often see is parents overspend on items such as bouncy castles. Never underestimate a children's entertainer. Their role is to keep all the kids entertained throughout the party while you can sit back and relax. Talk to your child and ask them what an ideal experience is for their birthday and go from there.

The Party's Location!

As we mentioned earlier, venues are now reopened again and ready to be booked for venues! This is the perfect chance to hire out a village hall to host your kid's birthday. Venues, like the rest of businesses, have some Government Guidelines that need to be followed. If you decide to go with hiring out a venue, check that they are up to date with all the current guidelines. Non-Stop Kids are happy to speak with your local venue on your behalf if they would like assistance with understanding the current rules & guidelines. You might decide to host your child's party in your garden from the comfort of your own home.

You will want to consider how many guests you are considering inviting as well. Since we are only allowed up to 30 people as of the time of this blog, you don't want unexpected visitors showing up. Know who is attending, both for hassle and safety concerns. Once you have an area to plan in mind, make sure that it's somewhere local and easy to find for your guests to attend. The last thing you want is your party to be in the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation.

Don't Forget The Entertainment!

Never forget your children's entertainment. A fun venue will make thing a lot easier when it comes to space and location but having large space will allow you to hire your children's entertainment without worrying about space. At Non-Stop Kids we have performed over 8,000 parties and continued to entertain children online thanks to our Virtual Party Package. We are not only still running this package but we also have our Garden Party Package for outdoor entertainment and now we can perform inside venues and village halls again.

Children's entertainers really do take the stress away from running a party and allow you to relax. For all of parties we provide our risk assessment to all parents if they have any concerns about social distancing rules. We are up to date with all the Government Guidelines and if you want to book us to perform in your venue, we are happy to speak and provide our risk assessments with your venue as well!

Prepare Now!

2021 is closer than you may think and it's always good to plan as soon as possible. This will guarantee you secure your spot with any venues and save you the worry of last minute bookings. Non-Stop Kids are always here to help with your children's birthday party. With Christmas approaching soon, we are taking more bookings than ever and encouraging all of parents to book now. If you would like a no obligation quote, select the banner below and send in a contact form. Alternatively, give us a call at 0333 301 3002!

Thanks for reading today's blog. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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