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Planning Your Own Online Birthday Party | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Virtual parties have become super popular over the following year and for good reason. If you have been keeping up to date with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment then you will know we have been running virtual parties since March 2020. We introduced this concept originally to ensure kids didn't have their birthday parties and guarantee an amazing experience. The best part about an online birthday party is you don't need to worry about the little details such as big venues or party decorations.

Organising Your Personal Virtual Birthday Celebration | Virtual Party Planning

Your virtual party gives you countless opportunities to create a unique experience for your children's birthday party. You and your child can decide on the type of party, where it will be hosted and much more. Non-Stop Kids are always here to help you with your entertainment needs. In today's blog we are going to offer tips and ideas you can use to plan your own virtual party.

Find A Good Platform!

The number one feature you will need to host a successful party is a good social media platform. You will want to find something that works, is easy to use and will allow everyone to join. The last thing you want is for everyone to be jumping through crazy hoops and downloading random things along the way. Zoom is a very popular option. You can host your virtual party and invite up to 100 people with a simple invitation link. Everyone can interact and see others with ease. All everyone will need is a good intervention connection and Zoom itself. At Non-Stop Kids we use zoom to run our virtual packages and we can happily say it's the best option out there. If Zoom isn't your go-to there are great alternative platforms out there.

Create Virtual Invitations!

If you are going to have a virtual party, why not go one step further and create virtual invitations? It's the perfect opportunity to test your creativity and make something unique. Thanks to modern technology there are many websites out there that will allow us to create custom virtual invitations and give off the perfect vibe for your party. The friends and family who will receive these invitations will know you are putting something amazing together. They will feel extra special for being part of this experience and can't wait to see the party they will be partaking in.

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we are teamed up with our friends over at Mini-Epic to provide virtual invitations to your children's friends. Each of these party invitations are custom animated to a specific theme and have the details of your party included. These invitations are the perfect way to set the atmosphere and give everyone something exciting to look forward to in advance. Virtual invitations feel more personal and really do set the mood. If you have never seen a virtual invitation before, check out an example below!

Music Sets The Mood!

It wouldn't be a party without music to go along. At any party it's always important to put together a playlist of songs that give off the vibe of the party. Put together your very own playlist and have the music playing softly in the background while you and your children's friends celebration. Music really does set the tone of the party and goes that extra mile to make your kid's birthday special. For example, if your child is a big fan of The Greatest Showman, put together a playlist featuring iconic songs from the movie. 

Throw In Any Theme!

All kids have a favourite movie and TV show they watch frequently. To a child, iconic characters are their heroes and they want to be like their favourite idol. Your child will feel extra special if their birthday is themed to a show they love. Get your child and their friends to dress up as their favourite characters. All the other kids taking part online can dress up and help build the atmosphere. Going that extra mile to make their birthday party special will really feel more personalised and be a day to remember forever!

The Best Party Ever!

And there you have it! Follow these tips and tricks for the best online birthday party you will ever experience. Non-Stop Kids are always here to help with your children's entertainment as well. We are the experts in virtual entertainment. Our parties are nothing short of brilliant. Call us on 0333 301 3002 and our head office will happily talk you through everything you need to know. Or fill in a contact form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Have a great day and we will speak with you soon.

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