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The Big Problem With Hiring A Kids Entertainer For A Christmas Party

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

At the time of writing this blog we are currently in the middle of December. That means in less than two weeks it's going to be Christmas time. At Non-Stop Kids we call this time of the year' silly season'. Silly season starts at the end of November and goes through until the end of December. Our entertainers will do more parties at Christmas than any other time of the year, between 30 and 50 shows if not more!

The Major Issue When Employing a Children's Entertainer for a Christmas Celebration

You get the idea how busy Christmas is for us. Most clients we speak to tend to book their Christmas entertainment after the summer has ended. December is a very popular month to find a children's entertainer. There are children who still have birthday party but there are thousands of Christmas parties as well. The huge problem we want to make everyone aware of is the huge problem that's included when booking entertainment in December.

The Prices Are Going To Go Up!

The number one problem with December is most kids entertainers will be putting their prices up. The reason is simply: they know they are going to be booked regardless. It's simple supply and demand. December is when entertainment is very high in demand. Even the worst entertainers within the country will be booked. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about this for Non-Stop Kids as we don't alter our prices depending on the time of the year. Everything is fixed.

So you might be asking yourself if this is fair. Let's look at this from a one man band's point of view. They make their living from entertainment. It's their profession as well as their passion. They know that the first couple of months of the new year will be relatively quiet. But when November comes around, they will be turning clients away because of how busy they are. With this in mind, why wouldn't they put their prices up?

The difference between Summer and Autumn is astronomical. But they can get away with this because in the summer holidays, they know the demand for people staying at their locations is going to be greater.

What Can You Do About This?

We're going to be biased and say you should secure Non-Stop Kids Entertainment for your Christmas party. We don't increase our prices during December. Our prices remain the same all year round. If you have any doubts, feel free to call us and ask for a quote for December. You'll realise it's the same cost as any other time of the year. We don't believe in increasing our prices just because it's Christmas. It's unfair to our customers and it's something we would never do.

If you decide to book someone else (and why would you?) the first step would be to check if the children's entertainer you are speaking to has increased their prices. Furthermore, be very careful when booking with someone who has very low prices, especially over December. It's not uncommon for one man band entertainers to cancel your party because they have a better paid gig coming in. Again, this is something we would never do.

Ready To Celebrate Christmas?

Take everything we have said to heart and you will have a great party entertainer for your child's Christmas party. Don't forget to book your Christmas entertainment early to avoid disappointment. Slots are going very quickly. Call our central office on 0333 301 3002 or fill in an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation. Thank you for reading. We will speak to you soon.

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