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Why It's Good To Be A Returning Customer! | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We have provided thousands of parties to children's birthday parties, theme parks and other events throughout the years. More often than not we have provided parties for returning customers who have booked our services a second time. The one big reason to be a returning customer is the big discount we offer.

The Benefits of Being a Repeat Customer! | Children's Entertainment

That's right. All returning customers will receive a huge discount when they book their second party with Non-Stop Kids. We take our customer journey very seriously. All the way from the day you send us your first inquiry, we keep in regular contact right up to the date of their children's party. We are on hand right up until the day arrives, so that any concerns or changes are addressed immediately. After your children's party has ended, we will send you thank you emails as well as special offer discount codes for all of our clients to thank them for booking us.

In short, we truly value our customers and do everything in our power to give you that peace of mind not normally found within this industry. This doesn't just apply to our live parties. We offer this same discount for our virtual parties as well. Becoming a returning customer will allow you access exclusive discounts. Because you've already used us before, you will know of the amazing service we provided last time. Now you get to experience that again at a fraction of the cost!

Secure Your Children's Entertainment Now!

Thank you for checking out today's blog. Now that social restrictions within the UK and Wales have been lifted, we are supplying more parties than ever. Check out our Party Packages and let us know which one you would like for your children's entertainment. All you have to do from there is send us an enquiry form through the banner below or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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