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Socially Distanced Kids Parties - A Case Study

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Ever since the Government announced that lockdown restrictions are being lifted slightly we have been offering Garden Parties. These parties are designed to follow Government Guidelines and maintain social distancing. However they are still super fun and interactive. We have published other blogs about our Garden Parties which you can read.

Reimagining Children's Gatherings: A Case Study on Socially Distanced Kids Parties

However this blog is a case study about the first Garden Party we performed at since lockdown started. It happened on the 20th of June 2020 and was for a family celebrating their child’s birthday. They had a small gathering in their back garden with their child’s closest friends. When they contacted us they were desperate for their child to experience a party with live entertainment. This makes total sense. No matter how popular our virtual parties are (and they are very popular) sometimes clients would prefer to have live entertainment. Garden parties and socially distanced parties are becoming very, very popular as well.

Anyway back to the case study! We sent our entertainer Emily to perform at the party. Spoiler alert the party was a massive success and the client was very happy. The first time you perform at a new party you worry about how successful it will be. Even though there were months of practice and planning and rehearsal there is always a small concern at the back of your mind. We shouldn’t have worried, everything went as we planned and the children loved every second.

When planning these Garden Parties there were two things we wanted to achieve. We wanted to make sure that all the kids were kept safe and also that the party was fun and exciting and there was no real difference between a normal love party and a socially distanced party. Throughout the blog you will see several photos and images taken at the booking in question. As you can see the children had an amazing time even though we were exercising social distancing.

When Emily arrived she set up in the back garden quickly and without fuss. She wore PPE on arrival and during set up but during the actual party took the PPE off once she was at a safe distance. When you are a performer (especially a kids entertainer) one of the most important things to master is facial expressions. Wearing a mask would really limit that aspect of a kids party. We give every client the option and if we were told to we would wear a mask throughout the party. However thus far every client has been more than happy with us removing the PPE once we are set up.

Emily had set up at one end of the garden with the kids. The adults were at the other end of the garden. There was a very safe distance between the kids and the entertainer. We started the package with a magic show. After the show we made balloon models for the kids. Before we started the balloon modelling we cleaned everything down and then used gloves while making the balloon models. The other we did was put the balloon models to one side and not give them out to the end of the party.

This stopped the kids running forward to grab a balloon. While we made balloons the parents fed the children. They took our suggestion and used pre packed snack boxes which was a real hit. After this we played a selection of party games and action dances and dance competitions. These games were carefully designed to maintain social distancing whilst still being fun and interactive. All in all everyone had an amazing time!

So what is the point of this blog? Simply to let our customers know that you can run a kids party whilst maintaining social distancing. You can run a children’s party while adhering to Government Guidelines.

As a nation we have put our lives on hold for months now. We have stayed inside, we have listened to the Government. We have protected the NHS and saved lives. In many cases children have gone for months without seeing other children. The good news is that with restrictions being lifted and with the measures we have put in place your kids can have a party again. You can celebrate their birthdays. Entertainment is so important for a child’s development. And once again we are ready to offer love parties.

We would love to speak to you about how we make sure your child’s party is amazing even with restrictions and social distancing measures in place. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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