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Strangest Parties We Have Ever Been Asked To Perform At | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Now that the lockdown is over with social restrictions in the UK removed, we wanted to take this time to bring some humour by sharing the strangest parties we have ever performed. We have performed over 8,000 parties with hundreds of positive reviews across our Facebook and TrustPilot profiles. While most of our parties are usually fairly standard, we have received certain enquiries we get that are absolutely bizarre.

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But no matter how bizarre requests were, we are a hassle free company and our job is to make your children's party memorable. We followed through their requests and everyone was left with a brilliant experience. Let's break down the five strangest parties we have ever been asked to perform at.

Entertaining A Room Of Dogs

Let's get right into it. Back in 2013, we received a phone call from a client who has a pet dog. She told us that she loves her dog like a child and would like to organise a birthday party for them. She had sent invitations to 20 other dog owners in her local area and had arranged for all their dogs to come over to celebrate her dog's birthday. For our services, she wanted us to organise an hour of entertainment for the party, to come along and do a magic show for all the dogs and in doing so, ensure her dog can enjoy his special day forever. The client even went as far as to suggest that we do tricks with bones for her dog's amusement. As strange as it sounded, our job is to entertain and we accepted the request. Entertainment is our speciality!

dogs at a party for non stop kids entertainment

The actual party was one of the strangest events our entertainers have ever experienced. For an hour, they stood in front of a room full of dogs while trying to get their attention with magic tricks. To be honest, the dogs were more interested in licking themselves! Nevertheless, the client was over the moon and loved it! Perhaps we should set up another company - Non-Stop Doggie Entertainment! If you think that was strange, just wait until we get to the other ones!

A Game Of Throne Themed Kids Party

Sometime during mid 2018, we had an inquiry for a fifth birthday party. The customer said she wanted us to adapt the party to a particular theme. This itself is not unusual as we always have clients asking us if we can adapt our shows to a specific theme their child was into. However, what we weren't expecting was the client in question asking us to put together a Game Of Thrones Themed Party.

game of thrones

To be clear, we are talking about the TV Show. Anyone who's watched only a few episodes knows that it includes incest, brutality, nudity and probably many more similar concepts. According to the client, Game Of Thrones is her child’s favourite TV Show and he watches it every week. She wanted us to dress up like one of the characters in the show and include as many references to the show as possible! Safe to say this was quite a surprise for us. Regardless, we followed through and the birthday child was over the moon.

A Kid’s Party For 50 Year Old’s

We've spoken about our parties in previous blogs and how they are so interactive that even the adults like to join in sometimes. One thing we never expected was a booking specifically for a 50th Birthday Party. This is a common request; a lot of customers will have us at an event for adults to keep the children entertained. However, in this case they wanted us to perform for all the adults at the party! The strange part with this inquiry is that all the adults were pretending to be 7 year olds and they wanted us to treat them as such!

Man having fun in a fun park

The theme of the party was ‘recapturing your youth.' All of the guests were told to dress up and act like kids throughout the whole party. Some of the guests found it very odd and found it very difficult to stay in character. However, the majority of the guests loved the idea and everyone had a great time. Safe to say we were all certainly surprised when the enquiry came into the office, but nevertheless, we followed through and delivered!

Pretending The Client Is A Baby

This one was probably the biggest bizarre request we've ever received at Non-Stop Kids. A few years ago, we reviewed a phone call from a business agent who managed a very well known celebrity. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the name of the celebrity as we signed an NDA agreement. We were told that this particular celebrity has a fetish and likes dressing up and acting like a baby. The agent wanted us to come along and entertain her client for an hour.

man dressed up as a baby

However, there was a catch. Her client was going to be dressed like a baby in a giant playpen, would be acting like a baby and we had to entertain him like that for the whole sixty minutes. The contract stated we had to incorporate a lot of baby talk into our performance and structure the performance in the same way if we were performing for a six month old. The actual event was as awkward as it sounds and it was bizarre to see a grown person dressed as a baby that you see on TV so many times. But despite all that, the "baby" seemed happy and at the end of the day that is the most important thing for Non-Stop Kids!

The Living Room Party

A lot of parents are now holding parties at home instead of hiring out a venue to save money on hall hire. There's nothing wrong with that at all. It also allows younger children to feel more comfortable if their party is held at home. We're more than happy to perform at a children's home. However, this particular situation was bizarre. When we arrived at the ‘party’ there were no children there other than the birthday child and their parents.

They wanted us to entertain their three year old child for two hours without any other children being present. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to entertain a three year old for two hours, no matter how many balloons you make. Performing a magic show and running party games is quite difficult when there is only one child. The party basically became us sitting on the living room floor and helping the child play with his toys while the parents watched. The whole situation was bonkers.

lonely child in a bedroom


The key thing about all five of these parties is that we managed to deliver exactly what the client requested, regardless of how strange their requests were. We went above and beyond to make sure we did exactly what we were asked to do. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, whatever you have in mind we can normally come up with a package tailored to your exact needs! If you think this was strange, you should see our other blog that details the 11 most BIZARRE complaints we've ever had here at Non-Stop Kids.

98% of our clients say they would recommend us to a friend. If you would like a no obligation consultation from us for your child’s party, then just fill in the form via the banner below and we will get back to you within the hour! Alternatively, you can give us a call at 0333 301 3002! Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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