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Teaching Your Children How To Do Magic - Vlog

Thanks for tuning into today's vlog! As you can see, magic is a great activity for your kids to get into while they are in lockdown. Children love magic and have a strong urge to go and do it themselves. There are so many benefits to teaching your children magic that you wouldn't have guessed! Building their communication is a great start! Younger children especially sometimes struggle with words and could take well over a minute just to finish a single sentence. But with magic helping to enhance their communication, they will understand presentation and how to perform! Strengthening their creativity is also an amazing factor! It's no secret children have far more creative insights then adults do and it's amazing to see what they can create! Magic will help further build that creativity, teaching them many techniques and principles to be applied to other magic tricks. In addition to their creativity it also builds their dexterity, teaching them how to think on their feet and bouncing back from potential errors! If your child definitely wants to learn magic, make sure you tine into NSK TV! On Tuesdays, we have Lee teaching how to do magic from years of experience! On Saturdays, Ryland also teaches how to do magic and kids might find it easier to learn from another kid! Ryland is amazingly talented for his age! For kids who are seeking a challenge, Craig also teaches an advanced magic workshop on a Saturday evening! You can check out our Facebook to see NSK's schedule!

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