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The Best Benefits About Having A Garden Party For Your Kid's Birthday! | Garden Party Ideas

You've heard the many wonders of garden parties and why they have shot up in popularity since summer time. We've talked about garden parties in previous blogs and why they are ideal for your kid's party.

The Best Things About Having A Garden Party For Your Kid's Birthday! | Garden Party Ideas

Today's blog will talk about the best parts about having a garden party for your children's birthday, including how it's beneficial for their health as well.

Enjoying The Sunny Weather!

Summer time is the best way to soak up the sun and bathe in the sunny weather. While the U.K does have a reputation for having rain, that doesn't mean we don't get the basking sun when it comes to the summer time. Why sit in doors all day when you can be outside and appreciate the warm weather? If you child has an upcoming birthday within the summer, use your garden party as an opportunity to get them to celebrate their birthday outside. Decorate the garden, set up some chairs for guests and take full advantage of the summer weather. If you are wondering what to do if the weather becomes too warm, set up gazebos to provide shade and you won't have to retreat indoors.

More Space For Your Guests!

A lot of parents tend to book venues for a traditional party to ensure there is enough room for everyone to partake in. Garden parties also offer the same opportunity. Your garden is much more open space then the inside of your house. The guests can gather and easily get around each other without worrying about narrow space. It's a lot more refreshing to enjoy a party outdoors without having to bump into each other constantly.

Good For Your Child's Health!

It's no secret that kids are attracted to their computer devices such as their phones, gaming systems and TV. Use garden parties as an opportunity to show them there is more to enjoy than looking at their phones all day. Show them the outdoor world and they will appreciate the fresh air and peaceful environment. Having a garden party will be the perfect opportunity to get your children to enjoy the outdoors more. A fantastic garden party for their birthday will guarantee a new perspective for their child and they will come to understand the wonders of Mother Nature.

Creativity With Games!

Hosting a party outside is the perfect opportunity to introduce traditional games with a twist to make the experience more fun. For example, we have the traditional scavenger hunt game. Instead of finding items to bring back to base, a fun opportunity is to create a scavenger hunt checklist. These will include pictures of stuff you would traditionally find in your garden (flowers, butterflies, rocks, etc.) Once the kids finds each item they will simply cross it off their list. This will also help maintain social distancing rules as you won't have to worry about anything that's hands on.

Everyones Happier!

Spending time outside is the perfect opportunity for improving our mood and happiness. There are so many benefits to being outside that improve both your physical and mental health. Kids who identity with nature are more likely to grow up appreciating the outdoors and want to help protect the environment. It'll also help improve their attention spans and improve their sensory skills as well. Use this time to ensure everyone grows up happy and environment friendly.

Garden Parties Are Great!

Garden parties have so many benefits you wouldn't believe. They improve our mental health while ensuring your kids have an amazing birthday party outside. We've been performing our Garden Party Package for a few months now and we've had nothing but positive feedback from all of our parents. Thanks to new updates from the Government Guidelines, we can now have up to 30 people attending! If you would like to speak to us about booking a garden party, send us a contact form for a no-obligation quote or call as at 0333 301 3002. We'll speak to you soon!

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