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The Best Online Birthday Party Experience! | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we have performed thousands of virtual parties over the year and are taking more enquiries then ever for Christmas. The big reason parents love the concept so much is because how easy they are to organise for their children's birthday party. They don't need to worry about finding the venue, arranging party accessories and much more!

The Ultimate Virtual Birthday Bash! | Unforgettable Virtual Party Experience

Thanks to our amazing Virtual Packages we have many different themes to offer for your children's birthday party. But for the best online birthday party experience, we highly recommend our Deluxe Virtual Party Package. This is easily our best virtual package and for good reason. If you thought virtual parties were great as they were, just wait until you experience this amazing concept. We provide virtual invitations, digital recordings and much more!

Virtual Invitations!

A party wouldn't be a party without invitations for your guests. Thanks to our amazing friends Mini-Epic, we have the technology to create virtual invitations for your children's birthday party. Like a normal invitation they will have the basic details of your party (e.g. the birthday child's name, their birthday date, time of the party, etc.) But they are created in an awesome animated style and themed to any theme you like. If your child's birthday party is centred around pirates, we will custom your virtual invitations to be tailored for a pirate themed party! Check out one of our pirate invitations below!

Any Additional Theme For Free!

Speaking of themes, we can attach any type of party concept to your virtual party without additional charge. If your child is a huge football fan, let's throw them a soccer themed party! Or if they are huge fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, make it a pirate themed party! At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we have a lot of themed parties we can easily attach to your children's party. Even if it's a theme we don't offer, we can accommodate our party to fit your child's desired theme.

Party Bags!

At the end of your children's party your entertainer will provide all the kids with a virtual party bag. This includes a custom video to thank everyone for attending the party and as an award they will teach the kids a 15 minute special performance. Our entertainer teaches all the kids how to perform an easy magic trick and give them something exciting to take home. Magic tricks are a great early start to your children's development skills. It teaches your children how to become more confident, improve their dexterity and strengthen their creativity.

Full Recording Of Your Children's Party!

The number one advantage to our Deluxe Package is your very own free videographer. We have performed over 8,000 live parties and it isn't uncommon to see parents have hired their very own professional videographer to record their children's birthday party. It's a great way to create special memories for you and your child to look back on for years to come. With our Deluxe Package we will record your whole virtual experience for free and give you the footage to download. You and your child will keep the footage forever and have amazing memories to look back on. Your children can relieve this special memory at any time.

Ready For The Best Virtual Experience Ever?

And there you have it! The Deluxe Virtual Party Package has so much to offer and give your child the best online birthday party experience they will ever have. Virtual parties are super popular and we are taking more enquiries than ever for the upcoming holidays. Christmas is approaching very soon and we can't wait to celebrate the festivities with your children. If you have any questions, check out our other blog where we answer our most frequently asked questions. We are more than happy to answer any of your queries as well. Simply give us a call on 0333 301 3002 or visit our website and drop us a message. Thanks for reading and we will speak to you soon!

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