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The Most Bizarre Complaints We've Ever Had! | Children's Entertainer

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we are proud that 98% of clients would recommend us to a friend. However, occasionally we do get customers who are unhappy for one reason or another. Of course, we want to do our best to help a customer and understand why their experience with an entertainer was poor.

Unusual Grievances We've Encountered! | Children's Entertainer Chronicles

However, we've received multiple complaints in the past that are simply bizarre. A little strange to say the least. Here are the most bonkers complaints that we have ever received, word for word.

Gandalf Wasn't Present!

"We expected the magician to look like Gandalf. We are very disappointed that he did not have a long grey beard. Everyone knows magicians should have a long grey beard."

While having Ian Mckellen at the party would be exciting, not all Wizards look like a Fantasy cliche. Now, we all love wizards and I'm sure everyone immediately imagines Gandalf when they hear the term, but our wizard package at no point implies or states our entertainer will be dressed like Gandalf. Unless all of our entertainers start growing beards from now on.

The Devil Worshipper!

"I booked a children's entertainer, not a devil worshipper. Don't try to tell me you are not in league with the devil. How else can you explain that colouring book becoming full of colours so quickly."

Devil Worshipper? Full Colouring Book?

Tea & Coffee!

"I booked the Hassle Free party and yet had to spend the entire time making cups of tea and coffee for the parents that were present. This was a hassle and was not explained to me and I'm not happy."

Hassle Free meaning the party entertainment is sorted, we are not paid extra to sort out your beverages.

Little Accident!

"My son got so excited during the magic show that he wet himself. This was a brand new outfit and I expect your company to reimburse me in full."

While we are sorry that happened to your son, that's not exactly something that's in our control! You hired the entertainer, of course your child would be excited, we can't reimburse your children's lack of bladder control!

High Expectations!

"During the games, although my son did win a couple of games, other children won prizes. I expected him to win all the prizes during every game played. It is his party after all."

So, you'd like us to rig the games? Party or not, our game prizes are meant to be fair and not biased on the birthday child. We always make sure the birthday child gets to help with a special gift as well.

No Children!

"We invited 30 children and only 5 children turned up. We are not happy about this and expect a full refund from you."

Sorry that your guests had other arrangements, it's not the company's fault that only a few people showed up.

Childish Show!

"Although the children had a great time, I personally found the magic show childish

and therefore would like a refund."

Congratulations, you hired a children's entertainer, of course the package you purchased would suit the target audience.

Where's Dynamo?

"I booked your wizard workshop package which promises a Dynamo Style show. We were all disappointed when Dynamo did not attend. Instead it was a guy called Alex who was very good but not who we were expecting."

There's a clue in the title. Dynamo Style show. In addition to clearly stating it's a style show from our sales team, I honestly don't know where the thought of Dynamo attending came from. Dynamo STYLE show, we never said you would GET Dynamo to attend.

Charlie Isn't A Real Dog!

"Very disappointed. We were told that the magic show would include a visit from Charlie The Dog. Imagine our frustration when Charlie turned out to be a puppet and not a real dog."

Well, that must have been a shock, especially after we specifically state Charlie is a puppet! While a real dog would be great, they are easily excitable and draw attention from the show

I Feel Dumb!

"After the magic show my son asked me how the tricks were done. I didn't know and couldn't tell him. I'm annoyed that I've been made to look stupid in front of my son."

The illusion of magic is just that an illusion, if you feel stupid in front of your child, congrats, you're a parent.

Special Balloon Popped!

"I was happy with the party, however a week after it finished my son's balloon model popped. I was promised a special balloon and you would expect a special balloon to not pop."

A Special Balloon is special to the occasion, you can't expect a balloon to never pop. While we're at it, would you like us to ask the sun not to shine?

What Are These Complaints???

As you can see, we've received some really bizarre complaints over the years and some of them are just outright ridiculous. From this list alone, I honestly don't know which one is the worst.

If you would like the Non-Stop Kids team to provide entertainment for your child’s party, we would love to send you a quote. For a no obligation quote just select the banner and fill in the form. We will get back to you within the hour. Alternatively, just give us a call on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to hearing from you!

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