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The Rule Of Six For Children's Birthday Parties - Vlog

Thanks for tuning into today's vlog. As of the 14th of September, we cannot gather socially in groups larger then six when it comes to an outdoor space such as your garden or inside your homes but this doesn't mean you can't have children's birthday parties anymore. We have spoken to a lot of clients asking about how this affects their children's party and that's why we have published this vlog. You can still have a live party if you have a COVID secure venue and you can hire a children's entertainer if they are a COVID secure business.

Non-Stop Kids Entertainment is a COVID secure business. We have systems in place that adhere with all Government Guidelines. If a venue is open and ready to accept bookings, this means they are a COVID secure business. They have procedures in place to make sure everyone is safe. A venue cannot be open unless they are COVID secure. As long as you have a COVID secure venue then Non-Stop Kids are more than happy to perform at your children's party.

The main thing you need to consider is the layout of the venue. To adhere with the guidelines, seating areas need to be laid out in a specific way to create their own little bubble. For example, your household family will sit at one table while another household family sits at another. Each household may have up to 6 people in attendance. The area will be designed in a cabaret style party. We have performed for children's parties for many years and all of our shows are very interactive and fun! We have recently developed our own Kids Kabaret package to work alongside COVID secure venues.

We are more than happy to help you with your planning as well. We can speak to your venue and communicate with them to discuss what we can do, plans for your venue and we can send you documents that detail our risk assessments. We can do track and trace on your behalf as well,collecting your guests' details. We're happy to help however we can. Virtual parties are also available as another option for your children's party as well and they are just as fun and interactive. The most important thing for you to remember is do not worry. The rule of 6 does not mean your child cannot have a birthday party. Give us a call at 0333 301 3002 and will go through several options. Or send in a contact form and receive a no obligation consultation.

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