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Throwing The Perfect Garden Party | Garden Party Ideas

You've decided to go ahead and throw the best garden party ever! It's going to be such a blast that everyone will talk about it for years to come! Non-Stop Kids are here to assist you with your entertainment needs.

Throwing The Perfect Garden Party | Garden Party Ideas

In today's blog we're going to talk to you about throwing the perfect garden party and everything you need to know!

Pick A Theme!

A theme sets the tone and atmosphere of the party. It helps the guests to identify what type of garden party you have decided to host today. Have you gone with something simple and hung up a few flowers to make it looks pretty? Is it a birthday celebration for your children? There's hundreds of options out there that help establish the type of garden party you want to go with. You might go one step further and make it into activity party as well. Everyone might have dropped by to do arts & crafts together while keeping two meters apart. As the host you decide on the theme and go with it from there.

Choose Your Guests!

If you have kept up to date with the updates of Government guidelines, we are now allowed to have groups of six within a single area. Including yourself and household members, there will only be a small group of friends or family attending. Make sure to plan in advance so you don't invite one too many guests. But the rules are changing quite frequently on a daily basis. The amount of guests that you are allowed may increase any day now!

Planning For Food!

If you decide to serve food & drink for your guests, we highly suggest you don't do a buffet-style meal. Buffets are very hands-on and you don't want to eat something that has already been touched. To get creative you can prepare a picnic for your own household while the guests bring their own friend. From there each family can set up separate picnic tables near enough as opposed to one table. Or as an alternative optional consider buying pre-packed food that can be distributed safely. You might go with snack boxes that are already packed and unopened. Regardless, everyone can socialise with each other while enjoying their food and everyone's a winner!

Activity Games!

Just because we all have to stay two meters apart doesn't mean we can't play games together, especially for kids. There are tons of games out there that don't involve getting close or touching each other. You might have prepared a scavenger hunt in advance for the kids. Their role is to find different items across the garden and check them off their list along the way. There's also the simple games such as eye-spy, charades and much more! If any of your games involve physical equipment make sure to clean and sanitise them each time they are used.

Follow Social Distancing Protocols!

Last but not least, the most important part of your garden party is to make sure it follows all the Government guidelines. We understand everyone has concerns about outdoor parties and the last thing you want to do is make your guests worried. To put everyone's worries at ease, make sure your garden party meets all of the Government guidelines and then everyone can have a great time together!

Thanks for reading today's blog! Ever since Government guidelines announced their easing of restrictions, we were super excited to introduce our Garden Party Package and wanted all of our clients to understand why garden parties are amazing! If you are planning a garden party and would like children's entertainment, look no further! Non-Stop Kids performed over 8,000 parties last year and we didn't let lockdown stop us. We introduced our Virtual Party Package that allowed our entertainers to do what they do best. Thanks to the easing of lockdown rules, we were able to build up our Garden Party Package that adheres to all Government guidelines while we guarantee your children get an amazing birthday! If you would like a no-obligation quote send us a contact form via the banner below. Or give us a call at 0333 301 3002!

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