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The Ultimate Virtual Party Guide | Virtual Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Are you ready to throw the ultimate virtual party for your children's birthday? Look no further than a virtual birthday party experience with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, the leading experts when it comes to entertaining children. When lockdown first began many parents considered cancelling upcoming events. We didn't want kids to have to miss their birthdays and that is why we introduced our virtual party package.

The Definitive Handbook for Virtual Parties | Mastering the Virtual Party Experience

Virtual parties are super fun and much easier to arrange than a live party. They require little planning while providing unique experiences that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It's not like a Face-time call. You can make it as memorable as you want and leave long-lasting memories for your children's birthday party. It is important to celebrate those milestones and recognise they have been accomplished.

Finding a platform to run your online party is the big part. You can find countless sharing platforms that are easy to use and available for all of your guests. A popular option is Zoom but you can find other options that are just as good if not better. We have a vlog that details the best platforms to run your online party.

You don't need any paper invitations you would normally send to your guests such as RSVPs. Because everything is done virtually all you need to do is provide an invitation link on the day of your party. You can even go one step further and send our virtual invitations. At Non-Stop Kids we can provide digital invitations that are animated and themed to your party. Check out one of our Football invitations below.

Make sure to determine the theme of the party and decorate the room ahead of time. This will create a fun environment for the birthday child and goes the extra mile to make their special amazing. The other guests can also admire the decorations as well. Don't forget to set the mood with music. Put together a playlist of your children's favourite songs on Spotify or something similar. You can even find radio edited music for your peace of mind.

Why We Should Celebrate!

It is important to celebrate parties and remember the emotional effects they bring in. This isn't just for children but for adults as well. When we have something to look forward to or look ahead to something worth celebrating, we feel more optimistic and keep our spirits up. Non-Stop Kids Entertainment is here to help with your entertainment needs. Check out our virtual parties and get in touch when you find the right one for your kid's birthday. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send us a no obligation consultation. We look forward to providing parties in 2021!

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