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Virtual Holiday Parties | Virtual Christmas Party With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Christmas is approaching very soon! We're all thrilled to celebrate the upcoming holidays and can't wait for the 25th. It's been a crazy year for all of us but we won't let it spoil the festive holidays very soon. This is the reason we introduced our Virtual Christmas Party Package. We wanted to make sure your children didn't have to miss their Christmas entertainment.

Festive Virtual Celebrations | Unforgettable Virtual Christmas Party by Non-Stop Kids

Virtual Holiday parties are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. It's a great way to celebrate with Christmas with games & activities and bring joy to your children's parties. We introduced this concept to provide an amazing virtual holiday experience that kids all across the country will love. Virtual parties open up new opportunities to get creative. There are countless activities you can put together to make your virtual Christmas experience fantastic.

Dress Up!

Getting all of the kids to dress up for the event will really help set the Christmassy tone of the party. You can't go wrong with festive outfits. The kids can wear Christmas jumpers, dress up as elves and much more. You can even get Santa to join in on the fun. Nothing would make your kids happier than to see Father Christmas partaking in the festive fun.

Plan Fun Group Activities!

It wouldn't be a children's party without the entertainment. Just because everyone is at home doesn't mean we can't have fun. Non-Stop Kids have been performing virtual parties for many months now and have designed all of our party games to work online. You can always play classic party games with a unique twist. How about a Christmas themed scavenger hunt? All the parents hide a Christmas item within each of their homes and the kids have to find each one to bring back to base. Or play Christmas quizzes. You can put together a powerpoint that has pictures of famous Christmas characters. The kids have to guess what the names of the characters are. There are dozens of Christmas activities you can play online.

Set The Mood With Music!

It wouldn't be a party without music! Every party needs a soundtrack to set the mood. With music apps like Spotify you can put together your children's favourite Christmas songs and have them playing throughout the party. For your peace of mind you can only find radio edited versions of specific songs as well.

Celebrate The Holidays!

Lockdown is not going to change Christmas this year. With some pre-planning, creativity and enthusiasm you can create the best online Christmas experience ever. We are also here to help. Our Virtual Christmas Party provides a unique experience that will leave your children wanting more. There's party games, magic shows, dance competitions and much more. Send us an enquiry form for a no obligation quote or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas.

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